Five More Reasons Ron Paul Stunk

Anthony Migchels – June 12, 2012

The more we look at Ron Paul, the more we wonder why so many people ever believed in this guy in the first place. Here are five more reasons they shouldn’t have.

1. Doug Wead was Paul’s ‘senior campaign adviser’

Doug Wead has been a highly influential adviser of many Republican Presidents and hopefuls, going back all the way to Ronald Reagan. His main sponsors, however, have been the Bush Family. He has worked for them between 1984 and 2000. His most senior position was that of Special Assistant to President Bush Sr.
TIME magazine called Wead an insider in the Bush family orbit and “the man who coined the phrase ‘Compassionate Conservative.’ (wikipedia)
On june 5th Doug Wead wrote on his blog: “What was behind the broken bones, hysteria and bruised egos at last weekend’s Louisiana State GOP Convention?  Why the attacks on legitimately elected Ron Paul delegates?   Don’t the Romney folks get it?  Don’t they want to win in November?  Don’t they want and need the youth vote?  Hispanics?  Independents?  Even, the Democrats, that Ron Paul is attracting to the party?”
In short: the Paul Campaign is a Republican Campaign masquerading as ‘Liberty Movement’ and attracting the disenfranchised into the party for Romney. According to the highly influential GOP insider and Paul Campaign Adviser Doug Wead, anyway.

2. Ron Paul willingly and knowingly allows massive vote fraud.

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