Senator Joseph Lieberman Thrown Out

Many people who study the occult waited with baited breath, over the recent magical date of June 6 2006. According to many experts, the Old Testament that is sacred to the Jewish faith and contains much of astrological and numerological meaning signalled special importance to this date. Although nothing dramatic happened on 6-6-6, there has been a deep shift in consciousness since then.

That shift in awareness may just be making people more conscious of who their politicians really serve.

Compared to other states for example, Connecticut is one of the most forward-looking states in the U.S. It is the first to ban the use of Mercury amalgam fillings in teeth and now if you spill Mercury on the floor, a team will come out in special suits to clean it out of the floorboards.

Yet they put this stuff in people’s teeth. Which only goes to show that those things you put your trust in may serve another agenda altogether.

Likewise Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman, who according to document AOV/204 held in Tel-Aviv, is not known in Washington as “a bush arse kisser” for nothing. Although Lieberman was at one time even being viewed as a potential candidate for the U.S presidency, he too may serve another agenda.

For far from being an American patriot, Lieberman was and probably still is a Mossad asset. The Jewish underground known as the Sanyannin, can call on any Jew throughout the world to work for Israel, which they often do, and Lieberman is probably one such.

Perhaps then, it is to America’s benefit that Lieberman’s pro war, gentile-phobic and anti Jesus statements have alienated the U.S public.

Publisher Jan Hoch is another prime example. Better known as Robert Maxwell, he told me that he stole his companies pension funds to buy armaments from the collapse of the Soviet Union. The objective was to supply Israel with extra weapons, over and above those weapons paid for by the American taxpayers.

The atomic bomb secrets were given to the Russians by the Sanyannin, and later to Israel, and several top U.S intelligence personnel have claimed that Mossad hacked into the British and U.S. defence computer systems long ago.

The fact that Lieberman wrote an article for the Zionist banking cartels, published in the Wall St. Journal entitled, “our troops must stay” has angered the families of many US service personnel. For the ultimate beneficiary of America’s continued occupation of Iraq wont be Iraqis or even the US but Israel. And naturally, they wonder why their men-folk should die for another country, when in the words of Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard, it sees Americans as just cattle (goyim): to be herded, milked and ultimately slaughtered and sacrificed for Israel’s benefit.

My friend the Rabbi Louis Jacobs has said that Lieberman, as a hard line Zionist Jew, would believe in the Torah, that it predicted A.I.D.S, Hitler, and the Zionist conquering of Britain and the U.S. Although he himself disagreed with such an interpretation, saying, “this reduces the holy books to the level of an Old Moore’s Almanac”.

Nonetheless, over the years Britain and America have unwittingly welcomed many Soviet and Israeli Agents Of Influence (A.O.I.), Senator McCarthy did much to educate the public on the infiltration of Hollywood and the State Department of such A.O.I.’s and their power of subtle persuasion.

However, far more valuable than the A.O.I. is the A.I.P or Agent In Place. Winston Churchill was in 2 world wars a Rothschild agent and although Churchill has long since passed the tradition continues to this day. For example, Tony Blair is also a listed “arse kisser” and Jewish agent, and recent news has shown that Lord Levy used Jewish money funnelled through foreign Jews and what Mossad calls “surrogate donors” to hide real donors to fund Tony Blair’s Labour Party..

In effect Zionists have bought considerable influence over Britain foreign policy, thereby ensuring that it will follow America’s lead, which in turn is guided by the Neocons. All of which explains Britain’s action over Iraq, despite widespread public opposition to an invasion and more recently Britain’s refusal along with America to call for an immediate ceasefire in Lebanon – thereby giving Israel more time to root out Hezbollah.

The power and deviousness of the Rothschild financial syndicates, was seen at the last British election when a Jewish banker, moneylender, loan shark and associate of the Rothschilds, James Goldsmith funded the “Referendum party”.

On the face of it this was a legitimate party that offered voters the opportunity to vote on whether to stay in with Europe or the U.S. In reality though it was designed to split the Conservative vote, which it did, thereby allowing in several New Labour M.P’s.

One of these was the corrupt Norfolk M.P. George Turner, who allowed the Russian mafia to move in and take control of all the land farm and factory work in the area and, more significantly to smuggle drugs and traffic women to Britain’s cities.

An ex K.G. B. operative now a highly placed mafia man claims the M.P. was under their control and was also constantly monitored by British security services, until the electorate threw him out.

The Russian mafia is extremely active in the area, and spy on the several British and U S air bases and factories. They recently hacked the social services funding computers and walked off with many hundreds of thousands of pounds.

In 1986 the annual Kings Lynn festival was expected to hold a British or even a Norfolk event but instead it held a “Czechoslovakia week” where Czech poetry was read out and Czech music played to a bewildered audience.

It later turned out that a K.G.B operative gave a £1000 bribe for this.

The colleague of the late Queens Mother, Lady Fermoy the woman with whom the decision was made that Prince Charles would have to marry Diana, resigned from her position as festival head over this secret scandal.

The Russian mafia also search the area that was for many years a favourite to house Soviet defectors under the witness protection programme.

One mafia boss who arrived 7 years ago now owns over 80 houses in the area.

I have been shown a house with a sophisticated printing set up to print everything from fake utility bills to driving licenses, and they are now gearing up for the coming I.D cards. They can even put in the little silver strip on these cards, which will track everyone by satellite.

So while Britain and the U S were asleep, foreign agencies have taken over and send our troops to fight their wars for them.

Senator Lieberman was one of the first to go, lets hope traitorous Tony Blair and George Bush will follow quickly.

T Stokes

The late T Stokes was an investigator into the paranormal and the occult and former member of British Intelligence