MI5 in Ludicrous Heathrow Terror Stunt

“Late-night television viewers in the US eastern time zone were tonight bemused to hear wild and unsubstantiated allegations, broadcast on cable television at about 2 AM eastern time, alleging that the intrepid paladins of British intelligence had foiled a new and nefarious conspiracy to blow up at least twenty (20) passenger airliners, in a plot which would have eclipsed even the legendary 9/11. Heathrow Airport was the purported locus of this latest terror stunt.

Given the collapse of the latest Israeli offensive into Lebanon, this new publicity ploy threatens to take the world into general war — if the US-UK-Israeli aggressor bloc is able to pin this latest chimera on Hezbollah, Syria, or Iran.

It was only a minor flaw in these broadcasts, mercilessly played up on such channels as Fox News and Sky TV — the equivalents of the yellow journalism of the notorious News of the World — that there was not one shred of evidence to support these demagogic and inflammatory charges.

Listeners were reminded that the British plus assorted NATO puppets were being defeated in Afghanistan, the US were being defeated in Iraq, and the Israelis were being defeated in Lebanon. The NATO puppets of the “Orange Revolution” were a thing of the past in Kiev, while the leading CIA agents were being rounded up in Rome. The dollar was in its death agony, and even the neocon hack Lieberman was all washed up in Connecticut. Tony Blair was about to join Ramsay MacDonald in the inferno reserved for Labour Party traitors who were also prime ministers. All the while, the controllers of Dick Cheney and the neocons were clamoring for a headlong rush into World War III, considered to be the remedy for all their ills.

Was it any wonder that British intelligence chose to launch yet another threadbare and absurd terror provocation on a morning in the middle of August?
The US late-night viewer could only await the inevitable parade of psychotic patsies, fanatics, dupes, basket cases, and double agents — undoubtedly the fruits of MI-5 patsy schools like Brixton and Finsbury mosques — who were sure to emerge in the course of the day as the latest MI-5 terror cell.

How long would the English-speaking world remain the thrall of such transparent provocations by the secret intelligence agencies?