Where Angels Fear to Tread

Rixon Stewart — First published 2002

As war with Iraq looms ever more likely the forces behind the New World Order are becoming increasingly active. On the one hand Rumor Mill News, a website that has become something of a rallying point for those opposed to the NWO, has come under prolonged cyber-assault. At the same time a group of local dowser’s and psychic researchers were warned to be on their guard. Now, admittedly dowsers and psychics may seem to pose no political threat to anyone but according to one we spoke to they were coming under increasing surveillance, with their phones even being tapped by Britain’s security services.
Unfortunately, they were not the only ones.
This writer was also targeted and in a way that would not have been out of place in the X-Files. It all started with a dream about a week before Rumor Mills first went down. In the dream an attractive young woman was drawing me into a passionate embrace. As I awoke I realised that there was something more to this: it was a clear warning and I should have known even then that I was being set up.
The following week Rumor Mills came under heavy cyber-assault and the very day it began this writer received some intriguing emails. All were from attractive young women wanting to meet me along with some very explicit photos to encourage this. It was bait and I took it. I wrote back to several suggesting that we meet up and when one replied almost immediately my intuition suddenly kicked into gear.
This, I sensed, was from a man in the employ of the Security Services who was using pictures of attractive young woman to lure me into a trap. I wrote back and told him as much: and his reply, replete with the hubris that characterises so much of the British establishment, confirmed this.
“If we give you enough rope, little man”, he wrote, “You will hang yourself.”
fionaAnd I very nearly did.
The following day I received another email from yet another female admirer: Fiona was 27, not bad looking and claimed to be a florist. Although I was pretty certain that Fiona was in the employ of the Security Services, I thought: maybe we could get together and I might even get lucky with her. What the hell! I could literally end up screwing the British establishment, or at least one of its female minions, and that was temptation enough.
So I made tentative arrangements to meet her.
Sadly, or perhaps fortunately, it was not to be. Common sense prevailed along with the advice of friends, several of whom are extremely sensitive Clairvoyants.
Fiona herself was not the danger, they said, she was simply the bait in a very, very dangerous trap that had been laid for me.
The real threat came from “devices”; “mind bombs” one friend had called them. They were in fact Extremely Low Frequency microwave weapons with the microwaves being used as a carrier wave for very malevolent forces.
The technology had its origins in the old Soviet Union where, in the 1970’s, a great deal of effort had been put into researching the “paranormal.” “Extra-sensory perception,” “psychic spying” and “poltergeist activity” had all been thoroughly investigated. Moreover the Soviets had somehow managed to entrap and harness “poltergeist energies”: the British had further developed this; and using ELF microwaves they are now able to project poltergeist energies onto specific targets. The end result being to psychically disorientate and disable the target: with the poltergeist ultimately even taking possession of the victim.
In effect real Black Technology combined with real Black Magic.
Of course this writer may simply be accused of being “paranoid”, but the fact is that there are forces are at work trying to suppress any form of dissent. And this is likely to get worse as we get closer to actual conflict in Iraq. As I write Rumor Mill News is again under cyber-attack, while this writer and others like him are trying to expose what the mainstream media continues to obscure, minimise or ignore altogether.