Dollar is a Lien on Your Kids & Property

(Editor’s Note: I can’t confirm this shocking information but provide it for discussion.) 

Rich – June 9, 2012

Most people believe that when they buy something that they are the real owner of it. However, when you understand the truth about maritime law, you will clearly see how this is nothing more than a fraud.
Historically, when people used gold or silver as actual currency, ownership of the object purchased transferred from the seller to the buyer. 
If a chair was purchased for $10 and the buyer paid in $10 worth of gold or silver, it was an even exchange and thus the buyer completely owned the chair.
Today this is no longer true.
In 1913, the 16th amendment authorized the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank. The FED then created the “Federal Reserve Note” which is not a true currency at all.
Unknown to most, each U.S. dollar has a “lien of ownership” that follows it wherever it goes. This lien transfers ownership of anything purchased back to the institution that created it, i.e. the Federal Reserve Bank.
Article 1, section 8 of the U.S Constitution states that Congress alone has the right to “coin money”. 
However, The FED is a private foreign bank and the U.S. dollar is not United States money.
Ever since the “ratification” of the 16th amendment and the creation of the “Federal Reserve note” nothing that you purchase is truly yours. 
Ownership of all items purchased ultimately reverts back to the “Federal Reserve Bank” or (FED) due to the “lien of ownership” or “Maritime Hypothecation” that is attached to every dollar created by the fed.

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