The Awakening of the Average American

Ralph – June 7, 2012

Dear Dan,
It certainly has been a long time since our graduate school brainwashing.
Boy, were we naive!! I still remember Jim mesmerizing the class when we received the study explaining the Federal Reserve.
As a nephew of Willis Robertson, head of the Senate Banking Committee, he knew what he was talking about when he predicted the FED would destroy the USA and turn it into a fascist country.
Who would believe what the criminal government of the corporation known as the United States has done. False flag terrorism; start wars using incidents that were totally fabricated; control and activate death squads and assassinations around the world; promote the drug trade as they have done in Afghanistan after the Taliban almost eradicated it; pass laws that are totally against the Bill of Rights; blow up the Oklahoma City Federal Building and the World Trade Center to further their agenda; and completely infiltrate censor and control the mainstream media.
Meanwhile, the giant corporations and the large banks write the laws and run the alphabet soup agencies CIA, FBI FDA, FCC, NSA, NASA, FTC, EPA, etc to further corporate control. Frankly, I believe the government has become the enemy of the people and it is developing total control that Hitler, Mussolini and Stalin would have envied.
While we had Sinatra in the 60’s and independent record labels, now the giant corporations control the music as psywar against the minds of the young people all over the world.

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