Reports of Another Syrian Massacre

News Brief – June 7, 2012

Reports of a new massacre have surfaced in Syria. Although unconfirmed, AFP reports that it was informed of the massacre in a telephone call from a young villager.
AFP reports that he only gave his name Laith, “for fear of being targeted by pro-regime forces.”
According to Laith the killings took place in Al-Kubeir, a village in central Syria where until now there have been no anti-Assad protests. Just as in Houla, where residents reportedly supported the Assad regime, until they were slaughtered by Syrian Army troops and pro-Assad militia, allegedly.
However, his description of the carnage was graphic enough. Laith told AFP that the ‘burned bodies of children and women and girls were on the ground’ and that ‘pro-Assad forces were behind the attack’.
“I heard from people I know in that village that last night the shabiha militiamen drank and danced around their corpses, chanting songs praising Assad,” AFP claims an emotional Laith said.
As yet none of this has been confirmed and for all we know Laith may simply be a ‘Syrian activist’ working in collusion with Western intelligence.
Britain’s Daily Mail reports that Laith told AFP that he begged UN observers to come and see what was happening but to no avail.

“’…they did not come. They might as well be working with the shabiha. We just can’t take this any more… people are being killed, everything is a set-up, a lie. We only have God to rely on. Only God will help us.’

“Activists from Hama also blamed the shabiha for the murders in the hamlet, where some 150 shepherds and farmers lived.

“’I think they (the regime) used the thugs to deliver a message to the Syrian people that “either you are with us or against us”,’ Abu Ghazi al-Hamwi – not his real name – said via Skype.”

So there you have it. Bloody accounts of massacres carried out by pro-Assad forces against formerly pro-Assad villagers, attributed to ‘activists’ who only give their first names. All of which is unconfirmed and comes hours before a crucial UN General Assembly debate on Syria.
For the time being we will reserve judgement on this. Although British Prime Minister David Cameron hasn’t, instead he’s already described the attack as “sickening”, even though it’s still unconfirmed, and said that Syria needs to be “isolated”
In the coming days expect to hear more graphic, if unconfirmed, reports of atrocities carried out by the Syrian Army and ‘pro-Assad militia’. Followed by more calls to isolate Assad.

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