Cardinal Dolan! Where is My $20K?

By Robert Hoatson – ( June 5, 2012

If Catholics wish to live by the axiom, “once a priest, always a priest,” than I guess I am still a priest despite the fact that I was voluntarily laicized in December, 2011.  So, I write as a priest, ex-priest, inactive priest, renegade priest, or gadfly priest.  I have been called all of these and more.  The verbiage is irrelevant. 
What is relevant is that pedophile priests are not laicized as quickly as I was and most of them will always be priests despite their dastardly deeds which would have gotten them kicked out of most organizations by now.
The archbishop of my diocese wrote to me when I first requested laicization and told me he would highly recommend that my petition to the Vatican be approved.  It was – in record time.

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