More on IDF use of chemical weapons

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I’m not sure how interesting or relevant the following info is but thought I ought to at least point it out in case anyone else is interested.

Further to your earlier article on the possible use by the Israelis of the ‘Carpet de-mining system’ as an offensive weapon.

Here in the UK I was surprised when I turned on Sky news this morning (Monday, 31 July 2006) to see Sky’s Middle East Correspondent Emma Hurd, doing a stand-up report from what she referred to as ‘the Israeli-Lebanon border’. She was standing in front of an Israeli armoured vehicle on top of which were a number of young IDF soldiers apparently taking a break – drinking cans of soda etc. The camera then pulled back from a close up on Ms Hurd to frame a mid shot and revealed that mounted on the rear of the vehicle was the unmistakeable huge rectangular box of the ‘Carpet’ launcher.

This remained in shot over the reporter’s shoulder for the rest of the report. Just visible are the tips of the individual missiles loaded into the launcher.

I first saw the report at 09:09 – 09:11 London time but was unable to record it. However Sky news have a habit of repeating these reports at hourly intervals so I’m sure that someone with access to recording equipment would be able to make a copy and post stills etc on this site.

I’m not sure how revealing this is but it does at least confirm the presence of these weapons on the border as of this morning.

The Israeli 'Carpet launcher' at work.


Fortunately another observant reader has captured stills from the news broadcast referred to above. In effect Israel’s ‘Carpet launcher’ is a Weapon of Mass Destruction, like a small nuclear weapon, indiscriminately bringing death and destruction over large swathes of land. With the added possibility that its warheads may well be carrying chemical payloads, it is now being deployed and probably used in Israel’s fight against Hezbollah, literally right in front of the mainstream media.

The fact that they have not yet noticed what is really happening right in front of them is either a measure of their complicity or, more likely, their sheer blindness as to what is happening before them.

Sky news reports on the situation in the northern Israel/Lebanon border, completely oblivious to the fact that Israel is deploying WMDs in its offensive.