Beware this MP’S ‘Dossier’

Below is the latest attempt to discredit Norman Baker’s genuine investigation. Dr David Kelly -previously Head of Microbiology at Porton Down – had top security clearance. We have no way of knowing the secrets he was privy to. Thus the real reason for his death may remain hidden. What we do know is that the manner of his death makes no sense either logically or medically. Until this has been fully addressed and explained by those qualified to know, the attempt to uncover the truth will continue. Rowena Thursby

Beware this MP’S ‘Dossier’
Stotty – The Sunday Mirror July 30, 2006

It is a sad fact of life that when a horrible and unexpected death occurs there are always those who will not accept anything except conspiracy and murder. It happened to Diana and it is happening now to Dr David Kelly, the scientist who killed himself after being revealed as the weapons expert contact of the BBC’s Andrew Gilligan.

A “dossier” of half-baked detail has been produced by the self-important Lib Dem MP Norman Baker which actually doesn’t add up to a row of beans. Except some people will believe anything if it suits their purpose.

For Baker to get off square one he has to show two things. One, that somebody or some organisation would have benefited from Kelly’s death. Two, there was no reason for him to take his own life and little prospect of him doing so. Neither is the case.

The Government, security services, Prime Minister etc. were the last people to want Dr Kelly dead because he discredited much of what Gilligan said and was in no position to know detail of the rest. His death plunged Blair and his government into a major crisis.

There was, however, a reason why Dr Kelly was desperate following his appearance before a House of Commons select committee. He did not tell MPs the truth about his own dealings with journalists. They knew that because he had been betrayed by Gilligan. He realised his future was in serious jeopardy and with it much of his life’s work compromised.

Kelly was an intensely private man and could see the whirlwind about to strike. He decided not to wait for it. It is a tragedy that the meanderings of a bit-part MP should bring the pain back to Dr Kelly’s family. He was a good man who made one mistake and decided to pay for it his way. Norman Baker should let it go.–dossier—name_page.html