“Diversity” is Defeat

Henry Makow Ph.D. – henrymakow.com revised from Oct. 26, 2010

You’d be forgiven if you thought Gurvinder Singh Chal, 35, (right) belonged to the Punjabi Police Force. 
In fact, he’s a recent recruit to the Winnipeg Police Service.
He wears the turban “for cultural and religious reasons” and, with the blessing of Chief Keith McCaskill, it’ll be part of his standard uniform. It’s a “symbol of Diversity.” 
The former Seven-Eleven clerk has been in the country for just three years but his traditions trump the 136-year-old Winnipeg Police Service.
Apparently the WPS has no identity, no culture worth preserving. Its uniform is up for grabs. It will prostrate itself to the next person to step off a plane, according to some screwball notion of political correctness.
The move isn’t uncommon in Canada, with Sikh officers in cities such as Ottawa and Vancouver wearing turbans. 
I hope the Filipinos, Somalis and aboriginals who make up Winnipeg’s rich cultural mosaic are working on their head dresses.


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