Professional Courtesies for the Sharks in the Water

Reflections in A Petri Dish – May 31, 2012

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(As promised, here is a Petri Dish. The book is taking longer than I thought because I have to read it all again and make some subtle adjustments. I am sure the proof reading editor will not be pleased (grin) but I do want it to be the best I can do so… I’ll throw out an occasional posting as I go. I totally missed my radio show last week. It didn’t even cross my mind, that’s how strange it’s been. I’ll fix that this week and there will be a radio show Friday night. Stay frosty.)
The lies just keep coming about Syria and Iran, courtesy of the wholly owned Zionist mass media. They own the music and movie machines so you can also see what’s being projectile vomited into our eyes and ears. Their hired killers go round the world, killing at will, blowing up villages and towns and blaming it on whoever they want to blame it on, because they own the media that they bought with the money they took from the banks, where they own the printing presses. Here’s one artist who’s on to them. The consistency of highly inspired work from him has been on a downhill slide since he moved into Beverly Hills but I guess that happens to a lot of people when you get incredibly rich. I’m not knocking The Boss, I still listen to him and his recording of Steven Foster’s Hard Times Come Again No More brought tears to my eyes. This is the concert where I first heard it. The Big Man died not long ago and you can see he was growing weak by that point. That must have hit Bruce hard. His latest album is all about the shit going down but has left me cold so far; none of the transport I got from The River and other offerings, but my opinion is just that and I admit to it so, if you don’t agree with it, that’s your right and I honor that.
The tide of revolution is coming. It can’t not come because the vampire bankers will suck you into a desiccated husk otherwise. We know who these bankers are and their provenance. They are joined by the indifferent rich who can’t even leave tips when they have dinner in a restaurant. Of course, the article was a noxious apologetic for the man. At MSNBC the comments were 60% in favor of his not tipping; no surprise what organized force was behind that. I’ve lived in Italy and especially in the good restaurants, you tip. Saying otherwise is a lie. I tip always. I owned and worked in restaurants, I know what waitstaff and kitchen workers have to put up with and how hard that job can be. Meanwhile, he and Morgan Stanley ripped off the little guy again by falsifying value of a product worth less than 30% of the offering price. Looks like they can sue but, doesn’t that come down to who can afford the best sharks in suits? I guess you’ve all heard the joke about the lawyer who was in the ocean and a big shark was swimming around. People were screaming to get out of the water, the lawyer paid no attention. Later he was asked why he wasn’t concerned, he said, “Professional courtesy”.
I watch what scrolls before my eyes as the days pass, as one venal fucked up outrage follows another. Here’s what’s happening in the spiritual zones. The Zio-slime have jockeyed their way into positions all through the mix, corrupting and deceiving as they go. It’s what they do. Where is the justice? Where is the cleansing fire? Yeah, it’s the Masons and Illuminati, sure it is. Who runs those groups? You’ll hear false whistleblowers who like to say that Weishaupt was a tool of the remnants of The Templars. You hear all kinds of things out here in the reverberating wasteland, where the raven’s caw and the coyote’s howl. I live there and the vibrating sump pump sends it’s truth through the underground caverns that form some ancient telegraph system. Nature carries the word upon the wind. Judgment is coming, whether you are quick or dead. Judgment is coming.
It can be scientifically proven that evil destroys itself. This has already been charted and rendered here a time or two. If you weren’t around for that it’s not my problem. Any clear mind can sort out the logistics, if they apply the principles of inquiry. Evil knows its fate and so it is determined to wrench the last bleeding ounce of suffering from the planet and the masses.
The important thing is to be here now, not get all caught up in whatever garbled historical relics and tales present themselves in their altered and butchered forms. Speculation about the future is pointless. There is only the present and the present determines the future just as the present is influenced by the past …but to what degree? That’s up to you. Change may be hard but there is nothing impossible about it. Sometimes you have to slog through miles of shit and personal failure but if you do not quit, if you do not give up, you cannot fail. Of course it’s not easy. When you consider the prize, there is ample cause for it not being easy. The virtues are eternal, getting possession of them is not for the weak and temporal minded. It takes everything because it also provides everything; everything beyond the common dreams of those addicted to the trough.
It may have been years ago but everyone here has felt the promise in their hearts at some point. Everyone here has felt the hand of grace at some point. If you do not aspire, you do not acquire. If you don’t do the work, you are not worthy of the hire.
I wrestle with terrible things as a common feature of my day. I cannot understand the things I am put through. They make no sense in the context of my work and my constant aspirations. What am I to do under such circumstances? Should I just give in and give up because I am surrounded and pounded by cruel and invisible hands? That would hardly satisfy or justify all of the efforts that have come before, in my own life and the lives of those who have preceded me. You don’t drop the standard or the guidon just because another mountain looms in front of you and you were absolutely sure that the last mountain had been scaled. You don’t accomplish it anyway, it comes by grace or so I hear …so, even though you can’t make it, even if you are knocked down beyond the point of rising one more time, you need have no concerns on that account. There is something greater in the human spirit than most anyone realizes. You cannot realize it until it arrives and then there are no horrors or trials that can prevail against you. What really, really counts is what is on your mind and in your heart at the point of exit. Read a bit and see how often this is confirmed by every authentic tradition. I can easily find this all over the place. It consistently amazes me that some amount can’t, or are always asking me for links or how come this is this and that is that.
Get this fact rooted in your mind. Things are generally fucked here and the ability of any individual to climb out of the murk is seriously problematic. It’s not impossible but it takes serious, serious effort and that needs to be attended by the right kind of karma.
Let us say that you meet a very successful and connected individual and they develop an affection for you. This individual could open many doors for you that you would never be able to open yourself. They could introduce you to all kinds of people who could help you out down here. They can show you how to get rich quickly and even make it happen for you. There’s no big mystery about it. It’s who you know and the opportunities they can provide. Sure, some people have the requisite industry and intelligence to pull it off on their own but they will assuredly, sooner or later, run into the people manipulating the system and then comes the deals and fealty. You might study what happened to Ted Turner. However… however…
You might also meet someone with connections and influence elsewhere. I have …and more than once so… that brings an entirely different scenario into play. This person or persons develops an affection toward you, or has a responsibility that led to the contact in the first place. To how much of a greater degree will such an individual help you? Such individuals can also do things that the rich, connected and influential couldn’t hope to pull off. There are relationships of all kinds going on at all times. There are people coming from one place and headed another and people who have developed the opportunities for the possibilities that find their way to them. It is amazing to watch how effortless it is for some and how seriously difficult it is for others. The key is which theater of operation is it difficult in. Knowing the meaning of that turns many a seeming curse into an immeasurable asset and advantage.
In these times of trial, I hope this has been useful to someone.
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There will be a radio show this Friday night, same place, same time.
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