Suicide bomber hits U.S.-led convoy – Afghan police

A suicide bomber targeted a U.S.-led coalition convoy in Afghanistan’s southern province of Kandahar on Monday, but there was no immediate word about casualties, police said.

The attack occurred on a main road outside Kandahar city, where a double suicide attack killed two Canadian soldiers with the coalition and several Afghans on Saturday.

A coalition spokesman in Kandahar said foreign troops were investigating an explosion east of the city, but did not have more details.

“There was a suicide attack against the coalition this morning,” said a police source who asked not to be identified.

Another police official said the attack was against Canadian soldiers and troops in the convoy. The area was cordoned off.

Canadian troops form the bulk of coalition forces in Kandahar, a stronghold for the Taliban guerrillas who are fighting an insurgency against the Afghan government and foreign forces in the country.

Afghanistan is going through the bloodiest phase of violence since the fall of the Taliban government in 2001, with most attacks occurring in the south where NATO-led forces will assume security responsibilities from a U.S.-led coalition in one week.