Jeff Rense’s 1st Wife Describes his Cheating – May 27, 2012

“I got an STD from Jeff because of his cheating.”
“I had post-traumatic stress disorder due to the marriage and wish I had gotten some counseling.”
[Editor’s Note: Janet, the first of Jeff Rense’s nine wives, (married in 1969) is the fourth wife to speak publicly about a pattern of exploitation & abuse spanning over 40 years
Jeff advertises for women in the following terms: “Jeff Rense is truly an American Treasure…known as a consummate journalist and patriot and equally known for his kindness, loyalty, sensitivity, compassion and intelligence. You believe in his values and admire his courage and sacrifice.”
Jeff Rense is a fraud, a ticking time bomb for the “Truth movement” and everyone associated with him.  He poses as a defender of free speech while sicking his LA lawyers on web hosts that post the truth about him. If you can’t handle the truth, or if, like Jeff Rense, you can’t tell the difference, do not read this.]

by Janet – May 27, 2013 


My name is Janet, and I was Jeff Rense’s first wife.

I received a phone call from “Megan,” Jeff’s latest ex-wife, on Mother’s Day.  What a shock to be reminded of Jeff and the horrible devastation he wreaked upon me over 40 years ago.

I had no idea I was merely the first in a long line of Jeff’s devastated ex-wives and girlfriends.  When I told Megan my story, she was surprised to learn how little he has changed over the years.

I was only 19-years-old, a student at the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) when I met Jeff, who was a 23-year-old UCSB graduate. 

He had told Megan that he married me to avoid the draft; that I was just a “marriage of convenience.”  But that is a lie.  He married me because he loved me, or so he said.

Jeff was very handsome and charming.  It was 1969; there were riots happening in the student community (Isla Vista) adjacent to the UCSB campus.  Students had burned down the bank, and the community was filled with police cars and tear gas. 

Jeff was reporting on the riots for a local radio station.  He was also doing live sports reporting for the UCSB basketball games, and he was an after-school sports coach for 6th grade girls.


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