Voice of the White House July 20, 2006

“The information I am about to discuss has been discreetly circulating in Certain Circles (certainly not the White House) inside the Beltway for at least a month now and since it is about to be revealed elsewhere, I am going to discuss it.

Hitherto, I have kept very quiet about it because I certainly wouldn’t want to reveal it so that more and more devastating information can emerge into the light of day.

Some months ago, we learned that the top Israeli military, intelligence and diplomatic codes had been very effectively broken by a group of cryptanalysis experts both here and in the Russian Republic.

(How strange that there is now cooperation, if unofficial, between the two former enemies!)

In the United States, all I can say is that the code-breakers are not the NSA or the CIA. The latter are far too pro-Israel because many of their top executives are Jewish and the former has other things to do.

At the same time that Israel’s political, diplomatic and military secrets are circulating around the Beltway, and for a certainty, into at least two of the Embassies on Massachusetts Avenue, other very clandestine programs have pinpointed very strategic areas <>inside<> Israel to include, but are certainly not limited to: Sigint centers, repositories of very sensitive weaponry to include nuclear items and CW/BW stockpiles, major military communications centers, hidden command bunkers and hardened security bunkers in Tel Aviv for high level Israeli officials, fuel stores for the military including gas and oil reserves, high-level military and governmental telephone exchanges and other vital infrastructure targets.

In Washington, the very highest level communications to and from the Israeli Embassy and certain important Israeli official commissions are being read and transcribed on a daily basis and excerpts of these have been, and are being, read by a number of people here and abroad ( and for a certainty also in various Arab Embassies here.)

It is known, here at least, that a number of Russian Jews, now employed in highly sensitive positions in Israel, have been transmitting certain information of a top level nature to Moscow and some, but <>not<>,. all, of this is coming to the United States (but certainly not officially !) The main reason? Family still inside Russia and the fact that the U.S. shares top level data with Israel and by tapping into this, the Russians can much more easily break certain codes and read satellite pictures.

Many messages contain directives to the Ambassador as to what is to be conveyed to a completely sympathetic President and Secretary of State, their very private responses, directives to intelligence operatives controlled from the Embassy, a significant number of references, often double coded, as to Isreal-sympathetic U.S. government officials, both appointed and elected. Not all of these are Jewish, by the way.

Classified information, much at the very highest level, is pouring into the Israeli Embassy, evaluated by them , coded and responses sent back to Tel Aviv…and being read as soon as it is received and sent out!

With the full cooperation and even encouragement of the President, Israel has been preparing a coup d’main against Arab commandos both in Lebanon and Gaza and has been planning, again with the full cooperation of the White House, to use these “terrorist attacks” (deliberately provoked) on them to move militarily into Syria and “completely crush” the government there which they view as working with Iran to infiltrate deadly, long range missiles into Lebanon to attack vital targets deep inside Israel.

There also has been the intention of Israel to involve the United States in a sneak attack on Tehran using tactical nuclear weapons. The President finds himself in a position wherein he completely sympathizes with Israel’s determination to crush any kind of Arab activism in the Middle East because he feels that these same activists are also Iran sponsored and are responsible for the casualties in Iraq.

The idea under discussion, according to the extracts, is for this to happen just before the U.S. midterm elections in November, to give Bush and the Republicans a desperately needed boost in public opinion.

Our military, which is behind these code-breaking schemes, is bitterly opposed to any extension of hostilities in the area because their troops would then be fully engaged with military, rather than irregular, units and we simply do not have enough equipment or personnel on the ground to deal with it.

The military feels that if significant numbers of our troops were to be overrun and killed or wounded by a massive Arab military campaign, the Army and Marines would be effectively neutralized for some time to come and utterly unable to cope with any national or global crisis that would undoubtedly be instigated by any one of our growing list of enemies. These perceive that America is pinned down in a no-win guerrilla war in Iraq and that it would be virtually impossible, for example, to send American troops into Mexico in the event of a left-wing coup there or into Venezuela to remove the obnoxious left-wing and Bush-hating Chavez.

Israeli leaders have been closeted with many of their American counterparts in the hopes of a joint action against both Syria and Iran but logistics are against them. (Mossad people regularly meet in Langley with their CIA counterparts to exchange information) The Israelis are shocked to discover the quantity and quality of the rocketry (and other weapons) being used against them and since Bush, at their foolish request, has agreed to give them a free hand in blasting Lebanon, there is a growing and very serious military belief that the war will suddenly escalate and Israel will not only attack Lebanon with ground troops but will use seized areas in that country to launch a military attack on Syria which they see as a surrogate for Iran. Nuclear war is a specific probability at this juncture.

An attack on Iran, problematical thought it might be, is not to be taken lightly because Israel is determined to “neutralize” (read “exterminate”) both states as major threats to their existence. There seems to be growing frustration on Israel’s leaders part about the possible inability of the U.S. to intervene on their side in such a blitzkrieg.

Iran is far better armed that most observers realize and the deliberate refusal of Bush to use his office to force a cease fire will, in all probability, lead to an unforeseen escalation of combat in Lebanon that will result in terrible damage and high death tolls but he has repeatedly demonstrated that such matters are of absolutely no consequence to him or his top advisors.

A compendium of information gleaned from this overview is being prepared for future publication”

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