A Clever Deception Indeed … Will You be Fooled?

In a recent article, Paul Craig Roberts asserts that the neocons have stolen a portion of the evangelical “christian” movement. I would take it a step further and say they have stolen MOST of it. Witness the BBC article Evangelical Christians plead for Israel to get an idea of the insanity shown by these “christians” who advocate and support the slaughter of innocent civilians in Iraq and Lebanon by both Americans and Israelis.

These deceived and dangerous groups believe they have a “christian” president who is to be supported and followed unconditionally because he is doing God’s work. They also believe the nation state of Israel is the equivalent of God’s chosen people and are also to be supported and followed unconditionally.

They are wrong on both counts.

On the first count, GW Bush is a member of the Skull and Bones satanic cult and is clearly a wolf in sheep’s clothing who does not exhibit the attitude or behavior of a true believer and follower of Jesus Christ. The first point alone is enough to bring into question the sincerity of Bush’s profession of faith. Anyone who knows anything about Skull and Bones knows that no true Christian could remain a member of this group after receiving true faith in the saviour.

On the second count, the nation state of Israel is not God’s chosen people. Since the death, burial and ressurrection of Jesus Christ, God’s only chosen people are those blood-washed believers in Jesus Christ. The physical nation of Israel, God’s chosen people, has been transformed into a spiritual kingdom comprised of believers in Jesus Christ. Jesus Himself said “No man cometh unto the father but by me” and “my kingdom is NOT of this world.” What part of these verses do these “christians” not understand?

What a clever deception for evil spiritual forces to operate through the leader of the western world masquerading as a “christian” and a zionist nation state with a powerful military in a strategic location masquerading as God’s “chosen people.” 2 Timothy 3:13 says “evil men and impostors will go from bad to worse, deceiving and being deceived”, so it shouldn’t surprise the true believer to witness this level of deception.

Murder is murder regardless of who commits it. US military murdering civilians in Iraq, Israeli military murdering civilians in Lebanon, any resistance group (Hezbollah, Hamas, etc) murdering civilians anywhere else .. there is no difference! Calling the non-governmental groups “terrorists” doesn’t change things either. I am quite certain that the Iraqi and Lebanese civilians are every bit as terrorized by the American and Israeli attacks as are any victim of the smaller “terrorist” organizations.

I personally hold the government military organizatios more accountable because they have the capacity to murder on a much larger scale and do so with impunity. To me, they are the much more dangerous threat to innocent human life.

Either way, to blindly support US and Israli military actions, especially against civilians, is to take part in their murderous attrocities!

True Christians do not attack anyone offensively, and would committ violence only in cases of true self-defense. I ask you this simple question; if self-defense is the objective, why are the US borders still wide open, allowing all manner of criminal enemies to enter the US?

Furthermore, true Christians do not place their allegiance with any earthly organization or group of people. They are members of the heavenly kingdom of God, answering only to the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ and obedient to Him. They are repentent of sin and turn away from evil deeds, regardless of who is committing them.

I have no doubt that GW Bush and the Zionist leaders of the nation state of Israel (NOT the Jewish people who by and large oppose the aggressive actions of the Israeli government) are god’s chosen vessels of destruction. The question is, by which god have they been chosen, and which god do they serve?