Illuminati Aim to Discredit Traditional Parenthood

By Aspen – May 23, 2012

The Illuminati plan to discredit traditional parenting.
Here’s how the plan goes:
1. The “Rights of Offspring” will be emphasized.
I addressed this theme in an article that Dr. Makow published in September of 2011, “Illuminati Plan Sexual Rights for Children”:
“Make no mistake:  the day will come when your children will be ‘set free’ sexually. And if you object, your children will be taken from you. It may take some time, but it will come.”
Again, in October of 2011,  “Against Sex Change for Children” – 
“The ultimate aim of the Illuminati is to completely discredit the Family Unit and to assume full control of sexual behaviors and reproductive activity. Here we see the inversion-destruction process in action, at full tilt. Children — not parents — call the shots; gender reversal is given special treatment; human reason is turned upon itself and imploded….”
2. The role of parents as decision-makers will be called into question.
A commentary appeared today on the BBC website, stating what I have been expecting to see for years,

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