Updated: Is Israel Using Banned Weapons?

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WMR reported that the Israeli military was using poison gas on villages in south Lebanon. According to a former U.S. weapons expert who served in Iraq, the artillery shell in a photo taken in Lebanon (below) is a chemical weapon delivery device. It is being handled by an Israeli Defense Force soldier and Hebrew lettering can be clearly seen on the armored vehicle. Another chemical weapons shell of the same type can be seen lying on the ground to the right. It is not known what type of chemical is in the chemical canister, however, gas dropped by the Israelis in villages in southern Lebanon has resulted in severe vomiting among the civilian population.

Media commentators have scoffed that Israel, with its relatively unique history, would ever use chemical weapons or poison gas in any war. It is precisely because of that perception that they are using such weapons. The deniability factor prevents the media from taking seriously the credible reports of banned weapons being used by the Israelis.

Israel using chemical delivery weapons in Lebanon. Fuse and chemical canister can be clearly seen in photo of Israel Defense Force personnel in Lebanon.
Drawing of chemical weapon is from the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons.

From a Reader
July 21, 2006

I was very interested to see ”the Wayne Madsen article of July 20th which seems to show IDF troops loading what appears to be a chemical weapon onto an armoured vehicle. I spent some time searching the web in order to try and identify the vehicle and thereby extrapolate what type of weapon it could be – for my own piece if nothing else.

In the process I came across this webpage on Israeli weapons and it would appear that the projectile being handled in the photo is part of the carpet anti mine system. It seems to be a Fuel Air Weapon, originally designed to clear minefields. However having read several reports in the last few days from Lebanese sources that the IDF has been using banned weapons including phosphorus and ‘vacuum weapons’ I’m wondering if this mine field clearing technology is being used as an offensive weapon against targets in Lebanon.

It could be that the IDF are legitimately using this system to clear potential Hizbollah mines in the border region prior to an all out ground assault – or it could mean that they have adapted the system as an offensive weapon. It would explain the so far uncorroborated reports of IDF using Thermobaric weapons in Lebanon.

From a Doctor in Lebanon
July 21, 2006

I have been doing my best to respond as a doctor to my colleagues in Gaza. They claim that a new weapon is being used. This has a greater blast, the wounds look like shrapnel but there are no fragments to see on Xray, there is deep and difficult to diagnose tissue death, there are no fragments to be seen. Infection results, so the amputation rate is considerably higher than they have previously experienced. I have enquired quite widely. Some experts have not replied. Communication has stopped in the last day. A call tonight to a good colleague in Gaza was cut off. That has happened twice. You will expect that the lines are controlled by the Israeli State.

I would appreciate any input being put through the good services of Truthseeker given that I might be leading a small team there shortly.

I received an horrific link last night crying out for help in Lebanon. I see it has since been hacked but some of the captions remain. Sadly I did not download it. A few of the captions read – the hair is intact, but the skin is burnt. Use of chemical weapons is alleged. There would appear to be no other explanation, but I am not expert. Link: http://fromisraeltolebanon.info/

From a Lebanese orthopaedic and trauma surgeon.

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Update July 22/23, 2006

In a further update Wayne Madsen reports: U.S. military intelligence experts believe the ease at which the Israeli soldier is handling the artillery shell is an indication that the payload contains light-weight gas and not a fuel-air mixture or thermobaric bomb components. WMR continues to receive reports from Lebanon of depleted uranium shells being used by the Israelis. The New York Times today is reporting that the U.S. is stepping up its delivery of “precision-guided” munitions to Israel.

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