The propaganda campaign for war, for Israel

Despite the failure of the American military to subdue Iraq, the pro-Israel elements in Washington and in the US media are conspiring to enlarge the war to Syria and Iran.

The propaganda campaign is in full swing as the fighting in Lebanon escalates. The mainstream American media, as well as the President and both major political parties, are once again portraying Israel as the victim of axis of evil member Iran, and to a lesser degree, Syria.

The mainstream media is continuously reminding us that Israel has the right to defend itself with Israel’s political shills in Washington echoing their every word. They tell us that Israel is only reacting to the kidnapping of their soldiers in Gaza and southern Lebanon, and the Lebanese and Palestinians people must take blame for refusing to take action against Hamas and Hezbollah. This is of course total nonsense.

It is not Israel which is being occupied by Hamas and Hezbollah, but Israel, whose military forces have been illegally occupying Gaza, the West Bank, and until recently, southern Lebanon.

The major news organizations will attempt to link the long range rocket which hit Haifa with Iran, but make no mention of US-made and paid-for Israeli F-15 and F-16 fighter bombers and helicopters laying waste to Beirut and Gaza.

It is obvious that this latest violence in Gaza and Lebanon has been prepared well in advance in Tel Aviv and in Washington to influence public opinion in favor of war with Iran.

With a few new players, this is still the same crowd that lied to the world about Iraq’s alleged weapons of mass destruction, justifying the illegal and immoral war on Iraq. The same unceasing propaganda also accuses Iran of developing nuclear weapons but remains silent about Israel’s own large nuclear, biological, and chemical weapons arsenal.

Bush and the rest of the Washington lunatics are determined to go to war with Iran no matter what the consequences, and along with their fellow conspirators in Tel Aviv they are chomping at the bit. However, there is a real possibility that an expansion of the war can backfire, as we are witnessing in Iraq. This new war can result in disaster for all.

Committed to a long and costly war/occupation, the end result will most likely be heavy casualties and economic ruin for America, Israel, and Iran, leaving the rest of the Middle East in chaos for decades.