Controlling the News July 16, 2006

“All an American has to do to realize how strongly controlled their print and television news media is would be to read the internet news sites for reputable foreign media like the Guardian, Le Mond, AFP, the BBC, Reuters and many others. Then anyone can very, very clearly see what is not printed or otherwise released inside the United States.

As a long-time member of this media, I am sad to see it turning into a propaganda tool for the far right and the state of Israel. As bizarre or distasteful as this comment might seem to the casual observer, it the cold, plain truth that our media is now very firmly in the hands of fierce Israeli supporters and is likely to remain so and grow even stronger as time goes by and more and more mergers consolidate the press and television media into one or two hands.

The recent invasion of Gaza and growing artillery attacks on Lebanon and threats of a rain of death on neighboring Syria and dangerous but distant Iran are ordered by corporate to be presented to the American public as nothing but completely justified “self-defense” on the part of poor, beleaguered Israel (who actually deliberately sparked the trouble to justify smashing her enemies).

Unfortunately, Israel miscalculated because she depended, as she always has, on the military might of the totally controlled United States government to help it out when it was threatened by others, no matter what their provocation might be.

In the present case, Bush’s lunatic foray into Iraq has so tied down and depleted the American military that it would be absolutely impossible for it to threaten any other country and, if a general war does break out as it shows signs of doing, our troops would be put into deadly danger from Arab states other than Iraq. The Iranians are on one side of U.S. occupied Iraq and Syria on the other. Our troops would not only be fighting the very effective and deadly Iraqi guerrillas (or Freedom Fighters as you will) but there would be other, far better armed enemies to cope with and current military planning would be shattered almost overnight.

Israel has destroyed the Beirut air field and blockaded the ports to prevent the shipment of deadly weapons to the Lebanese fighting Israel, but for once, our intelligence people have it right when they report that such weapons were already sent to Syria, Egypt and Lebanon in anticipation of just such hostile moves by Israel.

If you think there is growing anger over the current.minimally-reported casualties in Iraq, there would be volcanic outrage over the sharply increased death tolls in an all-out Arabic jihad.

In the face of all of this naked Israeli aggression purportedly over a kidnapped soldier (the War of Jenkin’s Ear comes to mind here) the media, almost to a man, has its walking orders and they are: Unconditional Support for Israel and Universal Condemnation for their Arab victims.

The employees of these media outlets have nothing to say about any of this. We are given orders and we obey them unless we want our paychecks to stop and be universally blackballed throughout the Israeli-dominated media as ‘Jew haters.’”

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