“The Avengers” Signals Illuminati Intentions

Aspen – henrymakow.com May 21, 2012

At its heart, The Avengers reflects the Illuminati’s hatred of humanity, and their intention to kill it off.
The ultimate hero featured in Avengers is the Incredible Hulk, Dr. David Banner, a man whose inner rage allows him to transform into an enormous green-hued muscular beast of unstoppable power at will.
The Hulk states that he simply cannot be killed, and is credited for saving the Human Race. This is Illuminati self-representation.
Luciferian themes of Will and Vengeance (hence the title) characterize and define this film. While the dialogue (“You were born to be ruled!”) and certain choice scenes are relevant to a complete understanding of the film, it is more basic symbols and characters that deserve immediate attention.
Synopsis: The Norse trickster god Loki, banished from Asgard, forms an alliance with a race known as the Chitauri. Loki offers the Chitauri easy subjugation of Earth, and in exchange he requires governorship of the planet. An organization designated S.H.I.E.L.D., led by a man named Nick FURY, collects a band of super-human defenders to meet the Chitauri invasion.
Who are the Chitauri?
In Marvel Comics lore, the Chitauri are a race of shapeshifters who seek to subjugate the universe by eliminating Free Will.

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