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Visible Origami – May 21, 2012

Dog Poet Transitioning…….
May your noses always be cold and wet, Siriusly.
Well, we’re finally here, from what I can see; standing on the high mesa, or whatever precipice is metaphorically and literally, in some cases, looming up or down. I guess you would call these specific times of these specific days, an aggregation of hot button moments. I have returned from my idyl in the revelation bathhouse my… my…, while I was there, all of a sudden, I could see right into the lives of those present. It is Saturday and ALL that Saturday implies. It’s a funny thing about opening your eyes. It’s quick. It’s slower arriving and then… you’re in the brimmer and it is doing it’s thing. People were TOTALLY naked and it was a real trip.
I must say that I saw fragilitee ( I make up words when I have to). Anyone have any idea how complicated it is to be on the border of serenity, while the hot tub burbles in its mineral insinuations into your corporate form? It’s slundereous and I see the bodies behind the bodies.; the appetites, inclinations and accommodations. Kali Yuga. I dislike the human race less. I am also less hopeful for them. They seem unmoved and unmovable.
I had been expecting something coming up for the last ten days of May and the first week of June. I was just looking at all the things on the world’s schedule. Then I get an email from Bholanath that is a series of astrological insights, about some big thing going on with the Pleiades. My saucer pod was fueled for the weekend, so I thought I would go and take a look. The first one is a little superficial but then it looks interesting. You be the judge and the rest of you can be the jury. I may or may not be the prosecutor or defense counsel, it depends on my state of mind. I could be the bailiff but I don’t have a pot belly.
Anyway, my running lights were fully lit on the saucer but I got pretty much nada. I did notice something very sinister, when I got into direct contact with the phenomena and thought, “oops, they don’t mean us well” Then, it occurred to me in the process, that it might not be the Pleiadians, however there was something covering the Earth, like a giant web weaving spider. It didn’t trouble me too much because apparently it can’t touch me to the point of effectiveness, cue M.C. Hammer.
I want to thank the recent flurry of cards and letter, metaphorically speaking about the book, “Spiritual Survival in a Temporal World”. For some reason people are raving about it lately. This brings me to the very necessary need to mention Amarynth and also Erik. They made it what it is and Amarynth especially nailed it, with the design and graphics. I think some others helped and you may shout yourselves out if I missed anyone.
We’ll go a little personal here with this blog. I never do this sort of thing so it should be a little interesting. We have a certain off the charts ‘lady’ (Stella Blue) who comes around here, that showed up while I was in that frantic zone (still continuing), where I can hardly answer my emails so I can (hopefully) be forgiven. She has a rather masculine mind (boy I hope that doesn’t dump me in the shit), which I consider a tremendous asset and which is a reflection of what the Aquarian Age is supposed to bring Given the hoopla that has been running around, about my perceived anti-Gay posture I wasn’t able to run the kind of ‘feelers’ I can do. I did think she was a she to begin with. I remember that but then… I don’t know, something happened and then I thought, “Oh, this person is gay”. That, of course, would have been okay. Then I thought, “No, it’s just a guy with an active feminine aspect”. I’m probably breaking all kinds of PC limiters here but that is something I generally look forward to. If the people who sometimes think I am anti-Gay knew anything about my ‘behind the scenes’ associations with gay people, they would laugh about that. Several of my gay friends still think it’s funny. It’s like imagining I don’t like Jews. This also makes my Jewish friends laugh. Shortly my new website will be up (thank you Martin!) and you will be able to buy the album “Jews from Outer Space”. Maybe that will clear it up. My problem is with the psychopaths, hiding in the protective camouflage of their fellows and nothing more. Now the people who really are anti-Gay will hate me (grin) but that’s okay. You either love me or hate me anyway. As my good friend, Peter ‘Blum’, once said, “ Wow Les (visible now, thank you), People either really, really like you or they really really don’t like you”. When he pressed them on whether they had ever met me, most of them replied that they had not. When he asked them why they had that opinion, they said it had to do with the things I said. Truth is an orphan, no one wants to claim the chile and homeless too, most of the time, in the bargain.
Anyway, that anti-Gay thing stings somewhat, in terms of the disenfranchisement construct. Stickman doesn’t come around anymore and I think that applies in other cases too. Even then, it was about semantics, which I never will get. It’s like when you call a woman a girl. I don’t mind if someone calls me a boy. I’m a classic case of arrested development anyway. We shouldn’t be so prickly about small change. I’m not criticizing Stickman, whom I love. As in most case, it’s probably my fault.. I am way too cavalier.
Stella Blue is one of a number of new people who have shown up here, like Clarity and others who have added a new anecdotal and entertaining feature to the comments section. I probably did meet Stella back in the day, since she knew an old friend of mine named Bruce Bartol. He was the guy I was with, when we smoked hash on that airplane and met those Argentinian stewardesses. All that’s for another time (grin). There was a nice fellow from San Francisco who used to be a regular around here and came to visit me in Italy. Unfortunately, Lady K was visiting at the time and he didn’t have the best experience and has left the nest. That happens here. People come and go and I wish them all the best.
After tomorrow’s Smoking Mirrors, I’ll be taking a break from the posting, for about a fortnight, so as to get the next novel out. I’ll be sending out 5 free digital copies to the people who write me the most entertaining emails or comments about how I could be a better person; accent on entertaining.
Things on the home-front couldn’t be better but the time comes when one must (if they are of the Eastern tradition) pack their few items and set off ‘somewhere’ to fully engage their end game. I have been told, very frequently lately, that someone would come for me, or give me a house. This is like when I knew I was going to Europe and a few months later, someone was sent to me and, boom! I was in Europe and have been. I’m a little excited about that and am getting my affairs in order. Since I’m not having an affair, that’s pretty easy. I will probably still be posting so… no interruption there. The book does have to get done though so, bear with me. People who have read ‘Spiritual Survival’ and “The Darkening Splendor of an Unknown World” really should go to Amazon and post your thoughts. You owe me that. I would do it for you.
I am still trying to see Patrick’s latest hi def of “The Big Bass Drum of War is Booming”. It appears to FINALLY be downloading now but is going to take awhile. You can see it here. GEMA won’t let me see it. There must be some music in it that doesn’t want to cross borders.
Ah, my friends, something big and loathsome is afoot and someone, magnificent and shiny, is striding into it with drawn sword. Darkness coils above Chicago, where dwells the Anti-Christ, Rahm Emmanuel. He’s on the mayoral, stepping stone, in his putsch to become president. We’re keeping a bad weather eye out for him. Iran is in the gunsight and the crosshairs are trembling.
I’ve not much else to say to you except for, ‘stop, look and listen’, because you are by the railroad tracks of the great train wreck. We’re hopeful, you be hopeful too,
End Transmission…….
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