“Womb-man” says Contraception is Bad for Her

Beth Mueller – henrymakow.com May 20, 2012

Although we all call ourselves human, men and women are completely different creatures. Just look at our bodies. Although the list is long, the obvious difference is often so easily overlooked and underestimated: the womb. It is what makes us female.
When I really started to understand the depth of what this meant, it changed my entire outlook on life. The problem is that modern society teaches women not to identify with their womb and the fact that they were designed by God to get pregnant.
We should be having children. We should even be having them early! That is our God-given role in nature.
I am 34 years old and I will never put myself in the position where I have to say to a man, “Honey, I’m pregnant, WHAT DO YOU THINK?”
I should know that the man is there for me and that- as scary as it may be for both- the fact that I am pregnant should not come as a shock! IT IS THE LOGICAL CONSEQUENCE OF SEX. Might as well get things set up for a life and a future beforehand…
I have no idea what a condom feels like for a man, but as a woman …

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