Ahmadinejad ‘blocked from Olympics’

Introduction – May 18, 2012

Iran’s President Ahmadinejad says he would like to attend the Olympic Games in London but the host nation was reluctant to welcome him.
“I would like to be next to our young athletes at the 2012 Olympics but the host has a problem with this,” Ahmadinejad was reported to have said while meeting with Iranian athletes who have qualified for the Olympics.
Although this could be because of ongoing tensions between Britain and Iran we believe that there may be more to this than meets the eye.
Unless President Ahmadinejad is lying about British authorities reluctance to grant him entry – and we don’t think he is given the British Foreign Office refusal to ‘confirm or deny’ the report – why would they want to prevent Ahmadinejad attending the Games?
After all any number of other despots and criminals will be there so why single out Ahmadinajad?
Now this may sound a little speculative, as indeed it is. But we can’t help feeling that the upcoming London Olympics would be the ideal time and place for a false flag, which could then be blamed on Iran.
Just as 9/11 was blamed on Afghanistan’s Taliban who at the time were allegedly sheltering bin Laden.
9/11 provided a pretext for the toppling of the Taliban, which then opened the way for accusations about Saddam’s Weapons of Mass Destruction and the invasion of Iraq.
Since then the U.S. and Israel have had problems entirely isolating Tehran and drumming up support for more forthright action against it.
A false flag might be the answer to this. Particularly if it occurred at the Olympics as it could be blamed on Tehran and used to galvanise the international community into military action.
However, President Ahmadinejad’s attendance at the Games would scupper any attempt to blame Iran for whatever atrocity is being planned.
So why not prevent him attending and let the corporate media obscure the real reason with speculation about “a stand-off with Iran over its nuclear programme, which the West suspects is aimed at producing an atomic weapon. Iran denies the charge…” etc, etc. (Source)
The U.S. and Israel are desperate for ‘regime change’ in Iran and as they’ve said repeatedly: “all options are on the table”. We believe that could well include a false flag attack at the Olympics.

Ahmadinejad ‘blocked from Olympics’

UKPA – May 17, 2012

Iran’s president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad claims he has been blocked by the UK authorities from attending the Olympic Games in London.

Mr Ahmadinejad told Iran’s official news agency IRNA that he would like to be “beside Iranian athletes” at the Games, but that Britain has “a problem” with him being there.

The Foreign Office refused to confirm or deny his claim, saying only: “We don’t comment on individual cases.”

The row comes ahead of talks in Baghdad next week over Iran’s controversial nuclear programme, which Britain and other international powers suspect is intended to produce an atomic weapon. Tehran denies the charge, insisting it wants only to develop a civilian nuclear power capability.

The E3+3 nations – Britain, France, Germany, the US, Russia and China – will meet with negotiators from Iran in the Iraqi capital for a day of talks on May 23.

The meeting follows on from talks in Istanbul last month at which the E3+3 team detected signs of willingness on the Iranian side to engage constructively after a long stalemate.

Britain believes that the European Union embargo on Iranian oil, agreed in January and due to come into effect in July, is having a significant effect in concentrating minds in Tehran.

Negotiators are expected to set out details in Baghdad of what Iran must do in order to ratchet down pressure and benefit from the co-operation of the international community on its civilian nuclear energy aspirations.

It is thought unlikely that the withdrawal of the oil embargo will be on the table unless there are signs of dramatic concessions from Tehran.

Britain cut diplomatic ties with Iran last year after militant students stormed its embassy in Tehran.


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