The Meaningless Lives of Endless Compromise

Smoking Mirrors – May 17, 2012

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I must admit I am routinely puzzled why people do what they do, as if there never was such thing as retribution, as if Karma was something that happens to other people. In some instances they consider themselves the Karma that happens to other people. Another thing that puzzles me, is the reluctance on the part of people to call things as they are. Somehow they think dancing around something means they can stay on good terms with both sides, or all sides; not recognizing that the intent of some sides is to enslave, loot and murder them, with no negotiation possible, except for, …maybe tomorrow instead of today. In this way they cooperate with what happens to them.
From my perspective, you find out what is true and then you express it and live it to the degree that it is possible for you to do so. You inspect it from all sides. You put it between your teeth like a gold coin. You examine, you autopsy, you get forensic on its ass. You gather ancillary and any and all corroborative evidence, to support what seems to be what it is. You don’t go into the thing seeking to prove what you want to be so; like dinosaurs were walking around six thousand years ago, or that Jesus Christ was some sort of spree killing neanderthal, just cause you are. You go where the truth leads you. You may not like what you discover. You may wish it were otherwise. You may be fearful of calling down the wrath of certain groups, who object to the production of truth and all supporting evidence, because it interferes with their ongoing efforts to enslave, loot and murder you. It offends them that you would object to something like that.
A good portion of people live meaningless lives of endless compromise. They cut deals with whatever elements of existence will permit them to acquire whatever shit sandwich they have developed a taste for and… you’d better not refer to it as a shit sandwich. A meaningful life, would logically be about meaningful things, right? Any student of history knows that pretty much the whole stretch of our most recent recorded history is one challenge and recurrent tragedy after another. The impetus for conquest and attendant destruction, is a primary motive for the general leadership of any time you care to cherry pick out of the mix. Violent acquisition of wealth, with utter disregard for the means employed and with the relative support of whatever corrupt regime is making the laws, is de riguer. The rampant excesses occur because the general population, is caught up in its own appetites and reflexively fearful of stepping out of the lines, drawn by those who want to enslave, loot and murder them.
A lot of people think truth is just an abstract concept. It doesn’t have any real meaning. It’s just something you carve into the granite of public buildings, in complete contradiction to what goes on inside those public buildings.
After an exhaustive routine of inquiry and analysis, some of us come up with a pretty good idea of what’s going on; what the truth might be. We may lack certain details of performance but there is little question about who the performers are. It’s not politically correct to point it out and, indeed, they make laws against this very thing. The real reason for those laws, is to allow them to enslave, loot and murder you with impunity. This has been under construction for quite some time and it moves by increments toward an end game that involves you being enslaved, looted and murdered, with some amount of gratuitous torture and extended pain scenarios because… Because? Because they enjoy it. They do evil for the sheer joy of doing it. It gets them off. I’m not being whimsical or colorizing the affair. This is a literal truth. Maybe you’re not made that way, so you don’t find yourself in a position to acknowledge that but the truth is not dependent on your belief in it. The Earth rotates around The Sun, irrespective of whatever doctrine to the contrary is prevailing at any given time. Last time I said this, some yahoo came around to argue that there was no proof that the Earth rotated around The Sun and ‘yadda, yadda, yadda'; argument for the sake of argument.
People see what can happen when you tell the truth and start to gather an audience. People see the indifference of their fellows to the truth. They hear Chomsky say that it doesn’t matter who did 9/11 and he goes right on being an icon for something he is anything but. The media steamrolls vested interests into the public mind, like some jackhammer operative. Totally transparent lies are told to justify wars and they even tell the same lies for the next one, despite their being thoroughly discredited the last time they did it. These are weapons of mass disinformation. A small segment of the population speaks out about these things (growing stronger every day). The majority of the population knows that the official 911 story is bullshit and some of us know that Israel did 9/11 and even fewer of us say so. Heck, the weight of circumstantial evidence is so great, we can prove it effectively enough to convict. The ass media sings us siren lullabies, as a prelude to the long dirt nap, in the aftermath of the enslavement, looting and murder. This is all transparently obvious. Even the borderline intellects that make up most of the population can see it, should they choose, but saying something about it, proving it, regardless of specious arguments that it’s really someone else; some sinister shadow entity of no definable shape and which can’t be named, except for random snatch and grabs of familiar names used to muddy the waters… that can be problematic.
We can have little doubt that the upper echelon of nearly all organizations and fraternal orders are corrupt. It’s Kali Yuga. What do you expect? Yeah, a lot of people are tired of hearing about it. They just want to get on with whatever personal pursuits occupy their days. They don’t want to hear about things they think they can’t do anything about and the result is that they wind up face-down because of them.
The truth is a hard course. It will surely turn its lens on the person seeking after it and that can provide no small measure of discomfort for a time. It can ruin any dreams of a career one might have, due to the effect it has on those who control the mediums they might seek to be employed in. You can say goodbye to your music and your books and whatever reputation might be true of you, as opposed to the one conferred on you. Why would anyone go that route? It’s a good question. There has to be more to it somehow and I, for one, believe that is so. I have seen the far off state of the one who walks that rocky road. It’s not for everyone, obviously. The thing is, the truth gets in the way of the comfortable performance of your lies. You can’t have them both. In Kali Yuga, it’s a no brainer what most people will opt for. Most people are like that angry, red-faced guy who gives you the finger through the windshield, when you try to tell him the bridge is out.
There are degrees of what you can say, relative to the level of exposure you can attain to. The greater the liberties you can take with the truth, the more pervasive your influence. The less compromising you are, the narrower is the window through which you can be viewed. That is the origin of the phrase, “a voice crying in the wilderness”. It’s pretty clear what goes on in this world and what is required to be successful in it. The world is presently beset with giant John Deere soul harvesters; could be Caterpillar, I don’t’ know. Someone asked me how come I can know so much and keep saying, “I don’t know”. That’s been explained but to ask such a question implies a lack of understanding the intent of the phrase. This is the thing. We fundamentally accept certain things to be true and the result is that nothing which follows can be true because of original premises. If you’re wrong to begin with, you don’t suddenly wind up right further down the road. You have to clear house. You have to toss out everything you think you know and take a closer look at the essential verities. You have to be willing to accept whatever the truth is. Most people don’t want to do that. It interferes with their pursuit of what they are after, so they lie to themselves. It’s no surprise, following that, when the oppressors of humanity deliver their own lies and they get swallowed whole because, once you’ve lied to yourself, the rest is easy and also a fait accompli. Truth is inconvenient. What most people don’t get though is that the truth is only inconvenient for a period of time. There comes a point where it become convenient indeed. The ‘difficulty in the beginning’ that we experience, is only a prelude to something finer. It’s like changing your diet. Your taste buds are accommodated, according to certain ingrained expectations. When you change your diet, your taste buds object. At that point, many people just revert to what they were eating before, without realizing that it takes about ten days for your taste buds to adjust. At that point what’s good for you also now tastes great as well.
Alright, tell the stage hands to bring in another dead horse. This one had pretty much had it (grin). Everyone is welcome to what they are able to live with. Some of us just can’t live with certain things. I couldn’t be more grateful for that. Yes, the road can be hard and it might go on for decades but, sooner or later, that changes and an entirely new world appears like magic. It is the ideal world, as opposed to the unreal world. It’s the difference between Lady Nature and Kim Kardashian. It’s a matter of taste and there’s no accounting for it. Another day, another post on the way…
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