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Visible Origami – May 16, 2012

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Origami is a little late today because I watched “My Week with Marilyn”. It is a very well directed, acted and written snippet from the life of an enduring icon. It’s true that a tragic end, enhances the continuance of one’s legend status. We have some amount of these. In some cases, they are entertainers gifted with particular features and abilities. In other cases, they are sacrifices to ideals which, for some cosmic reason, the bearers are often called upon to die for. Later they get to be diminished by small men who need a level playing field for their mediocrity; the snipe hunter as sniper.
Sometimes I am reminded that I really admired Marilyn Monroe through the earlier part of my life. I remember being given coffee table books about her but, strangely, I can’t remember being terribly fond of her. I am still fond of her but she doesn’t cross my mind very often. She was one of those people who didn’t know who she was so she had to fall in love often. Somehow, for however briefly the condition would last, she would find that sense of being that her existence so often was missing. It is why she was alone so much and why she died alone, unless you believe those tales that she was intentionally removed. We know that happens. I tend to believe nothing happens without the permission of the divine. Of course, a lot of that is influenced by whether or not you come up on God’s television set.
This is one of the most difficult things for many people to get a handle on. They can’t accept the operations of Heaven, within the context and constructs, of the mortal and human mind. This works against the presence of the divine mind, which is resident in the human mind. One of the arguments you hear a lot of the time is, “There can’t be a God because he would never permit that to happen”. “That” covers all of the terrible things we have become accustomed to hearing about. All of those terrible things are the payback for the same things taking place earlier at the hands of the people it is presently happening to in a different body. This is Kali Yuga and payback is a bitch. That’s literally true and it is the time and environment where a lot of the heavy things from all kinds of long ago gets taken care of. Like I’ve mentioned at other times, it’s a continuous exposition of cosmic laundry day.
That’s what this planet is all about. The major features of life on this planet, are all based around education and the resistance to it and the requirements that are in place to deal with that resistance and to insure that education. This process takes a long, long time because it is all about the word being made into flesh, as the animal nature is spiritualized. There are at least 3 main courses that are easily identified and labeled. ♫this much is true♫ Number one is the ‘normal’ course of evolution. This is where you finally come to understanding, simply through the knocks and shoves of endless repetition of the same things. The other course is when one consciously hothouses their evolution. This can and does accelerate it to a near unbelievable degree (success is speedy for the energetic). The other course is when the divine takes a particular interest in you, for his/her own mysterious reasons. You might say the second is actually the result of the third anyway …but… I suspect a more complex dimension to it.
There is a reason that self inquiry is the recommended course of study; “know thyself”. “The proper study of mankind is man”. Everything that comes up in your mind has a relationship to your past. All of your fears are related to previous events. If you have feelings for a certain country, opinions about certain people, predispositions for certain things, certain tastes, certain desires, these are connected to your past. We glide over these things. We continually look outward, so we wind up with knowledge instead of wisdom. We fill our heads up with information and turn ourselves into a walking, talking social network. Instead of one mirror we are surrounded by many mirrors… illusion. In many cases and especially in certain time zones, like Kali Yuga, the mirrors begin to act like fun-house mirrors, except that they are not much fun.
Several things happened to me instantaneously during my kundalini experience. One of them was that I felt myself, the self that I had presumed I was, sucked out of me into nothingness. There was no me. Oddly enough, this didn’t trouble me at all. Consonant with that, I entered the awareness of the one shared mind. I was instantly telepathic and could read thoughts with the same clarity as hearing a voice. I discovered in following days that I no longer felt any familial ties. I felt no connection to my mother or father and it has stayed that way. Curiously, it seems to have worked that way for them too. Everyone else in the family stays in touch with each other. They get together and do what families do. No one gets in touch with me. There is the sense that I am gone, though it never gets said and there is no acrimony or bad feeling, no series of events that led to an estrangement. On the rare occasions that I might see them we get on beautifully. It’s just that something fundamentally changed. I also remember looking at the carpet at my feet and seeing little red cartoon devils appear who had their backs bent before me and I understood it to mean that the power activated in me had all of the passions under control. This led to some pretty interesting demonstrations further up the road.
At a certain point I went upstairs and looked in the mirror and watched my face shift through many different personalities that I took to be previous lifetimes. When I closed my eyes, at another point, I was in an ancient Egyptian temple, which I surmised (for some reason) was beneath the Sphinx and there was an initiation taking place. Our initiations remain with us from life to life and the recognition and remembrance of them can surface at whatever point it is caused to. I’ve learned that everything is connected to remembrance and memory. I know I mentioned various of these things at other times here but they tend to return and come up, when they are relevant to what’s being said, even if I don’t know what that is and that is more often the case than you might think. I was communicating with someone the other day and I mentioned to her that my mind is usually empty. She thought that was funny and said something to the effect that that hardly seemed likely given what I do and all that attends it. I said that is precisely why any of it is able to happen. As long as we know, God doesn’t know- symbolically speaking- when we don’t know then God can know. We are no longer preempting and prohibiting it by substituting our awareness and recognition of anything and everything in place of God’s awareness and recognition.
I was talking with my angel yesterday and saying that I didn’t see why I should be singled out and told the outrageous things I am told about what is coming up for me. I said that when I look back on my life I only see a whole lot of mistakes and no indication that I should be favored in any way and that I really ought to be frightened about whatever might be coming (I’m not). I was told that I know very little about myself and that I should let go of all presumptions, based on my very little knowledge, especially things concerned with other lifetimes and, as far as my negative view of things in this lifetime, they were unavoidable and intentionally caused by the divine for his own reasons which, of course, are very good reasons and I don’t know what they are. I guess the message here is that we have to let go of our own ideas of good and evil and our interpretations of things, which are no more than a particular shifting perspective, that can only be true in a limited sense, if they are true at all. It’s no easy task and all of it is solved by, ‘rely on me’, ‘rely on me completely in even the smallest details’. This opens all sorts of interesting parallels to ‘everything is under control’.
I look at the things people do to others and I cannot imagine myself acting that way. I look around me at all the things in the world and I have very little attraction to any of it, except for my recurrent dream about my ‘walled’ garden’, which is my closed private vale, that is suitable to all the potentials I would like to express. Some might think it just means a house that is secluded and concealed and it is certainly that. I am given to believe that that is going to be conferred on me but I keep thinking about that line, “I have no home in this world”. Why I am mentioning all of this is because there are basically two kinds of people on this planet; those who are working to get their hands on more of it and those who are working to get out of it. The former can expect any number of temporary satisfactions, ending in a collective disappointment and the latter can expect any number of temporary disappointments, ending in a collective sigh of relief and release. When things don’t seem fair, it is when we are basing our judgments and findings on limited perceptions and solely on our existing state, on one side of the equation. There is ever so much more to it than that.
What I have found, as a seeker, is that certain guaranteed states of awareness arrive over the course of the search. One of these things is being absolutely convinced of the presence and operation of a supreme being. It’s something different from faith and belief. It’s certitude. Faith, certitude and discrimination are a tripod and more valuable than the collective riches of the Earth. I’ve found, as a seeker, that one becomes convinced of this. It ceases to be some amorphous platitude and it becomes a living reality. There is no doubt that these things are so. One is fundamentally assured concerning their treasures and where their heart is also. We have such a rough time here because we are in doubt and we believe the evidence of appearances, just like we believe in fixed periods of time, as if they were the whole continuum. Our attachment to the things we fear to lose is a major source of our discomfort. We don’t have these things to begin with and our interpretation of what they are isn’t even what they are, so we are attached to a myth, concerning something that doesn’t exist. Realizing this makes it easier to let everything go. Realizing that you can’t lose what is yours and that all partings are temporary, also makes it easier, unless that is just an intellectual apprehension, as opposed to a visceral possession.
As a seeker, I have learned certain things that prove out consistently. One can bank on them and one also discovers the contents and location of one’s bank. As a seeker, I have discovered that there are things we fundamentally grasp and things that we speculate and theorize about but which will, in their time, also be something fundamentally grasped. It is important to keep in mind and remember that one cannot grasp certain things, without fundamentally letting go of other things and that as soon as the latter is accomplished, the former automatically appears; food for thought on this hungry Wednesday.
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