Two More Israeli Soldiers Captured, Eight Killed

Early Wednesday July 12, Israeli troops and aircrft launched a series of incursions into southern Lebanon after two Israeli soldeirs were seized from a border outpost. The Israeli forces were later reported to have withdrawn but taken more casualties in the process.

Britain’s Channel Four news reported Wednesday evening that as Israeli forces were withdrawing an Israeli tank was disabled with more soldiers killed.

Israel now admits to losing a total of eight soldiers today. Three in the initial Hizbullah raid and a further five in its incursions into southern Lebanon.

The leader of Lebanon’s Hezbollah has said if Israel wanted to escalate the crisis his forces were ready for confrontation.

Hussein Nasrallah said the two captured Israeli soldiers will only be returned through talks and a prisoner exchange.

The Israeli tank disabled during the operation was believed to have hit a mine. The BBC reported on Wednesday night that an Israeli cabinet meeting had broken up that same evening with promises of a “severe” response to the day’s events.

At the time of writing Israel is reported to have launched night air strikes on bridges and roads in southern Lebanon, as the search goes on for two soldiers seized by Hezbollah militants.