The Hava NaGila Monster and the Music of the Fears

Smoking Mirrors – May 14, 2012

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet.
Every time I tell myself I don’t want to write about these people anymore, they rub my nose in their vanity and sense of entitlement. The Ass Media is nothing more than one long, tedious, gossip column about chosen demon status. One is agape at the endless trumpeting of humanitarian motivation and the ironic proliferation of certain names in the surrounding landscape photo of the article. The author of that piece seems to have a particular area of concern.
I come to the computer, not having any particular subject in mind and generally I go to MSNBC-Tribe and whammo. It must be an off day for the Gay Sexual Fascism movement. Oh wait, how did I miss this at the top of the page? Imagine my surprise to see an AshkeNAZI writer at the helm of this ship of disinfo. Of course, the comparison to slavery comes up though no mention is made of this feature. Irony simply drips from the teats of the buggered livestock of this peculiar age. Bwak! Obama says, “But, you know, when we think about our faith, the thing at root that we think about is not only Christ sacrificing himself on our behalf, but it’s also the golden rule, you know? Treat others the way you would want to be treated.” Yes Bwak! Please see that your flacks and emissaries carry this message to the Libyans, the Afghanistanis, the Iraqis, the Yeahmanites and the millions of America heartland hobos, crushed under your hobnail boots. If you can back away from the glory hole, through which the big dick of Wall Street presents itself maybe you could get a clue but, unfortunately, the robo-chip implanted in your medulla militates against that.
The great wheezing, diabetic, American Shmoo army, limps and lumbers and marches in random circles, like windup toys, with one leg shorter than the other. They got their robo-chip implants going too. They hum a few bars of, “I forgot what I was Saying”, while snapping the waistband of their accordion pants. I’m guessing that makes a little music of its own. Is it chin chin music from The City in London? Is it the theme from “Hava NaGila Monster? Or are they just twitching and jerking like tazer electrified, Pentecostals in response to the Music of the Fears?
A while ago, when The Associated Press and Reuters, as well as all the other information, manipulation and mutilation operations started to be written only by card carrying Tribe members, they stopped posting the author’s name. Now that they are in the end game phase, they have entered the zone of raging, drunken ego hubris, prancing like Divine, on her way to a poodle shit buffet. Please forgive me (if you can) for calling attention to all of this BUT, my attention has been called to it, the moment I stepped into the international incest press.
Here is an indisputable truth and the reason that Bwak! …is tripping around the country, in a metaphorical pink tutu on a skateboard, going on about one more 1% and their vested interests that haven’t got shit to do with the interests of the rest of the nation. He’s at one glory hole fellating one particular percent and down on his knees at another glory hole fellating another 1% He’s a virtual moveable, traveling fellatatorium. We had Rolling Thunder, now we got Rolling Fellator. Walk with me through some Gumby math. We’re going to play connect the dots. Zio-Tribe, Satanic interests have been in control of world banking for some centuries. This means they print the money and this means they have all the money in the world to purchase all the publishing, media, entertainment and what not Goebbels tools, to misshape world opinion in favor of their agendas. As the primary, black widow spider (Madame De Rothschild) of the primary Satanesque, Danse Macabre said, “When my sons want a war they have a war” (or something like that). They brought about the Bolshevik Revolution, which killed tens of millions of Russians. This also includes the Ukrainian holocaust. They instigated and financed World War 2. They arm-twisted the powers of the world’s financial center to grant them a land with people for a people who stole the land so that they would have a sovereign nation from which to semi-legally propagate their crimes.
The Gay Agenda is solely owned and operated by them and they make up the largest majority of these alternative sexual dispositions, from the smallest minority of the public. The purpose of this movement is the destruction of the family unit and the culture, which they mercilessly loot in the process. Hollywood and a larger percentage of the entertainment business is owned by them. They are the chief force for all political financing. Ergo, Bwak! ‘comes out’ about gay marriage because that is where the funds for his campaign come from.
Let us presume that Satan exists. Let us presume that he has his workforce. Let us more than presume who composes the larger numbers of that work force. Let us assume that one thing Satan is known for is being clever and, of course, diabolical. Those who do not have their heads in their asses, snorting Eau De Myself, under the guidance of their bondage masters, will see the truth and logic of this progression; not necessarily in order or comprehensive; “just the facts, Mam”.
Of course, if you presume the existence of The Devil, you can also presume… whatever. They say, ‘the devil is in the details”. This implies plans to me. This also implies alternative blueprints and ‘your mission, should you choose to accept it’, is to apprehend the game plan that applies to you and carry it out. Bad actors to the left, good actors to the right, metaphorically speaking. Now, if you are a chicken shit fence sitter, with your destiny and Karma in the shitter, nothing in this commentary will be of any interest to you. It might make you mad but… you’re already mad, aren’t you (in every sense of the word)?
The physical facts of material culture tell us what we see all around us, according to the limited bandwidth of the location. Is this essentially misleading? Yes it is. What does this do to the human mind when, on the one hand, it is presented with incrementally greater and more absurd lies, while at the same time, the resident witness is being impacted by a more enduring truth that preempts and overrides what the senses report? This implies an advancing train wreck, which is the unavoidable result of lying to yourself. There are many ways to engage the truth but… no matter what, at some point the truth will engage you. Yes, at some point, the truth will engage you and only one of you is going to walk away from that encounter.
We hold these fiends to be self reverent. We hold all of what has been said here to be obvious and easily proven beyond dispute. How then comes the argument and outrage, concerning what is about as difficult to register as a fart in an elevator? How is it that so many smart and, in their own estimation, talented, and in their own estimation, courageous, men and women can mince all around the glaring and impossible to doubt, or disprove a reality that looms up in every direction like a gigantic, smoking stinking turd, marinated in Eau de Skunk? These feckless and self-nobilized Kool-Aid junkies go to bed every night with a days old road kill animal for their pillow but… nothing smells funny to them. Well, these men and women are all whores and cowards. They will not say what needs to be said, mostly because they won’t get to say it anymore if they do and because they sold their asses for a time share condo in Boca Raton.
Ah yes… Florida, the Sunshine State. It is there that we find the convergence of two of Americas most reprehensible syndicates; the Fundie Christian and the serial killing Zionist. They go there to bake their brown lizard skins before the gaze of the best disinfectant. It is not surprising that they just gave a black woman 20 years in prison for firing a gun into a wall. She would have gotten less time if she had shot the sonofabitch, but I digress. For some reason, the Zimmerman Caper didn’t work for her. Maybe it won’t ultimately work for him either.
I know it’s hard to keep your head up, when malicious entities are trying to bury it in the ground. I know it’s hard to hear these things, when you have heard enough of them here but have done nothing about it, while in the process of moving along to something else. Until such time as a rousing chorus of voices shall join me in righteous song, you will keep hearing about it. It must be said or go back to sleep and pretend you’re dead. You might as well be and will be. All those roads lead to the catacombs beneath Rome.
I had no thought of these things this morning when I rose from my bed. The thoughts were thrust upon me in the first few things I read. Either you believe as I do that resolution is at hand, or you believe what you are told and you really, really don’t want to get involved. Maybe it will all just go away. Yes, that day is at hand and you will be accompanying it when it heads on out of town.
End Transmission…….
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