TIME’s Mothers Day Turn-Off

LC Vincent – henrymakow.com May 13, 2012

No doubt you’ve already seen or heard the controversy over TIME Magazine’s latest cover shot of a young blonde woman breast-feeding her young son, (reputedly 3 years old although he could easily pass for 6 or 7) to illustrate a story based upon the latest parental trend labeled “Attachment Parenting.”
The article focuses on Dr. Bill Sears’ “attachment parenting method” that first became popular in the ’90s. Sears advocated extended breast-feeding, co-sleeping and “baby wearing” where an infant is “worn” by their parents through slings. 
Of course, it is simple to criticize TIME for this outrageous cover, and its “in-your-face” assault on American motherhood and childhood.  One can only guess at the mindset of the mother who would blithely subject her son to perpetual ridicule as the boy featured sucking his mother’s breast in public on TIME’s cover.   


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