That Big Open Air affair

Visible Origami – May 13, 2012

Years ago, I remember Guru Bawa saying that the divine views us like action on a TV set. The divine views us like a TV camera and we can drop off on his field of vision. We want to stay in the vision field of the divine because many things are possible for us at that point. The alternative is that we fall away into darkness. This is a very real thing and explains a lot of questions about why things happen like they do. Certain spiritual practices keep us before the eyes of the divine. Certain material practices cause us to fall off the screen. I don’t think it’s an immediate thing. I think it happens by degrees, the same way that dust can collect on a mirror and the mirror is a good image in this case, just like the TV screen and the TV camera.  
Guru Bawa, a Sufi master and saint, was the real article. His face was as smooth and unlined as a little boys. He was under 5 feet tall and weighed about 80 pounds. He might eat a tablespoon of food on a given day. His face was incandescent. Light spilled from his face. I’ve never seen his like. The man on the beach was something of a different order. I still think it was God that I met that day and he most certainly activated my kundalini, one night from thousands of miles away, though I don’t think time and space and distance present any limitations for him. 
I didn’t fit in at that ashram. There were far too many self important ingenues there, who had all the answers and who did not care for rock and roll, or anything that contained what they perceived as a reckless enthusiasm for life. Bawa crossed them up a number of times in relation to me but I remained an outcast. Of course, my behavior was not what it should have been. Time and circumstance have modified that but there are still flares and outbursts on occasion as we have seen in recent times. I’m still dealing with people like those people at the ashram; people who can look right at conditions and events and not see what’s taking place. It would be nice to have more command over circumstances and myself but… that’s not permissible at the moment. 
I’ve more carefully reread this transmission from one calling himself, SaLuSa. I’ve noted spelling and grammatical mistakes. I note the disheartening presence of this statement “It matters little whether you ascend or not, inasmuch that all souls will continue to make progress”. I understand what I presume is meant here but I would have, under no circumstances, said it myself, because it does matter; unless you think everything you have gone through, are going through; your other lives and what you might go through, ‘matters little’. Clarity sent this in for my consideration. I’ve only gotten so far into it, not nearly halfway but… it smacks of all those things that I am familiar with about channeling. It looks like a putup job and the name of the angel sounds like a character out of Marvel Comics. I’m not saying it isn’t real, or real on some level somewhere. I’m saying that a lot of it rubs me the wrong way. It’s not my preferred frottage (grin).  
Let me say that I want to see and to understand, more than anything else, except for the presence itself. However, for me, rule number one is, “Don’t lie to yourself”. Don’t accept something as true just because you desperately want it to be.  
I am not turning negative on this channeling (the SaluSa item), especially in light of misunderstandings, concerning my first reaction (grin). I already tend to believe some number of the things said here. As usual though, as has been the case with most channelings I have come across over the years, it’s is all very general and vague. As I have mentioned before, here, there and somewhere, …on any given day in New York City, you can come across a dozen people channeling Jesus Christ, Moses and others. I have directly seen this in new age classifieds, in some magazine or newspaper, whose name I no longer recall (The New Age Times). An intrepid and persistent researcher CAN locate such classified ads and if you do, I’d like a link put up so everyone can see it. It makes you wonder and it also implies a very busy switchboard, he said, as a humorous aside.  
I have people take me to task about the manner in which I ‘sometimes’ respond to comments from the peanut gallery (attempt at humor). I don’t want to ever have to delineate this again. Chances of that are? Slim to None. Those two are rap partners. If you’ve been in prison you know what that is; not talking about the big open air affair that we share time and circumstance in. Does it not occur to the reader that I can very easily present myself and my persona in any number of ways? Does it not occur to some of the readers that I have ample time ‘before’ responding, to consider what I might say and how I might say it? Does a certain segment of the readership believe that I lack a particular degree of restraint and self control, in respect of my side of the ping pong table? How is it that I can do all of the things I can do, if I lack such a basic skill?  
As was mostly noticed by the most recent example, the result of this causes me to appear as a human being. Unfortunately the commentator indicated that it was a very regular affair and more frequent than all of my other types of responses. It’s things like this that make me wonder what I’m doing here. The sole purpose of why I do this particular thing, is to defeat the possibility of being taken for a spiritual master. If it were a matter of degrees then, yes, I qualify to some degree but, I have seem people who all too willingly assume or accept that mantel and I do not want to be like them. Therefore I willingly deface myself and intentionally interplay, on occasion, with people that I know are fucking with me. I’m not in doubt about that end of the equation in certain cases. One of them sent me an anonymous kidney punch, yesterday- on the heels of all of this- and doesn’t think I know immediately who it is. I do have certain minor siddhis that are associated with my trade. I’ve got some others that are much more significant but only show up when my master is in house. This alone shows me I am not that master that one would call ‘Master’. A state like that may come and go- for the purpose of demonstration to me- but then it reverts to a place a few centimeters above the one I went into it with.  
Certain forms of behavior automatically manifest in person to person encounters on occasion, often to my distress. It is only recently that I have found out the reason for that and it has to do with testing from another location, the temper of the metal of my surroundings, for the purpose or cessation of continuance. This would be patently obvious to anyone who actually spends any time around me in my usual states of being, in my usual environments. If the nature and type of the demonstration in one type of situation, is most definitely different than the nature and type in the other, it stands to the satisfaction of logic and reason that something else is going on, besides what might be assumed on the part of others. I’m not going to go into any greater detail. Use your heads in respect of it, or carry on as is your wont. What is, is and it will surely be revealed, in whatever its permutations are or were, at the given moment. Hooyah (cue Al Pacino in “Scent of a Blind Warrior”)! That’s where I feel in love with Gabrielle Anwar but… it didn’t last. It never does.  
You and I, we are in this together and we shall surely meet up where or when, as the need and opportunity provides. As many of you are aware, we are already in resonant accord, so very, very often that it can no longer be mere accident or coincidence. Acknowledgment of it is a near daily affair. I know why this is and some of you may also. This should seriously bolster the faith of all in whom such recognition of it may occur.  
We have had (despite any and all opinions to the contrary) a whole lot of evidence that we are not alone in this universe. We have heard about such things as ascension, rapture, being caught up, precession, illumination. Nearly all traditions make mention of such things. They may not be exactly as we think we understand them but something of them is so. I am convinced of it, having seen some small and greater evidences, along the course of my journey to wherever that may be. In a roundabout way I talk about this on tonight’s radio show. We look illusion right in the face but don’t see it. We read scriptures and testimonies, yet some part of our consciousness does not register the reality of them. We are in the midst of it yet… the force of illusion presents the separation factor, convincingly upon our minds and we are separate, ‘it seems’. In the cosmic sense we are all an irreplaceable portion of the divine, part and parcel of the body of God. The ultimate love, breaks itself into pieces, scattered far and wide and then sets about collecting them and itself again, as today’s song attempts to portray. We know these things in one part of our being and do not know these things in a significant other part. Comprehension is the desired outcome. Look about you and see what portion of your other pieces are so engaged in the pursuit of it.  
Being vulnerable and “human, all too human” are voluntary conditions, assumed for the purpose of demonstration, awaiting ‘the twinkling of an eye”. One hopes every area of curiosity and concern is covered here but I see Slim and None waving at me off camera and expect to see them in camera as well.  
The actions of the tides are natural and they have parallels all up and down the ladder to the stars. The supernatural responds to similar incentives but most differently aspected and performed. We limp on the highway, whether from fatigue or injury, we do not know, but we mind how we go, as much as we are permitted to. Onward and upward to the vanishing point.  
End Transmission……. 


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