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Reflections in a Petri Dish – May 11, 2012

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May your noses always be cold and wet.
This is the sort of thing the 1% gets up to and this is the sort of thing Nature does to the people stupid enough to let the 1% get away with their behavior; like Bill Gates killing children with his vaccines. Of course, as the human experiment gets more and more absurd and indifferent to anything besides dick and stomach issues, Nature is right there alongside of them with similar interests. What the heck, just to show you how strange life can be.
The thing about materialism is that it cancels out your humanity. The moral compass goes haywire and starts spinning like the clock on Twilight Zone. This man’s superiors approved of his actions. They defended his kicking a 9 month pregnant woman in the stomach. They buried any and all investigation and this thug had already assaulted two other people previously. This is the kind of thing materialism brings about and who would be more about materialism than the 1%? Who does the thug enforcement arm serve? They obviously serve the 1%. They are ramping up for something and they don’t care who knows about it. They’ll just throw in another underwear bomber, rectal pipe-bombers, or whatever construct that permits of ever more and more invasive aggressions, against a public dumb enough to buy into the legitimacy of it. The public is best exemplified by the chickens in this video. In the beginning they look like people scurrying around and then? Well, they devolve into a travesty on whatever it was that they forgot that they were.
I’ve had a connection to Sirius since I was a child. Since I was in elementary school, Sirius and Betelgeuse have manifested a mysterious resonance in my consciousness. Later, Arcturus came into play and is always impacting on my thoughts. I’ve no idea what any of it means. So, I was a little curious to read this. I don’t usually have much use for channeling. It rings funny in my head. It’s always vague and pontificating. I remember running into Ramtha and that Seth character, along with Elizabeth Claire Prophet and her St. Germaine info; probably standard reading in the little bunker room machine gun nests that surround her compound, somewhere out west. I’m not saying there isn’t good information somewhere in these voluminous transmissions (if transmissions they are). I’m saying I just went on my way with hardly a glance to either side.
If you’ve gotten something out of these things, I’m not seeking to discredit or diminish whatever you got. It just wasn’t for me. I’ve already got major input from real life entities and don’t have much attraction to the discarnate, except as it occurs inside my own head. I never had any use for “A Course of Miracles” either. It looked like something cobbled together by humanist psyche major types and told me nothing new, no matter where I skimmed and opened the book to and no matter how insistent some people were that I embrace the totality without question. Once again, this is not to say that some people might not get all kinds of useful things from it. It just didn’t work for me. All the wrong bells went off, just like with that nam myoho renge kyo and Werner Erhardt, Silva Mind Control, Erika and what not. I’m into timeless and ageless things from trusted lineages.
I no longer know what to think about the immense and endlessly contradictory information I now run across daily from the alternative media. It’s getting like the mass media; more and more outrageous, speculative, not backed up by concrete evidence, truly wild-assed rumors and half truths that I can’t manage to swallow, because so many elements are missing from what I’m reading and hearing. Little Georgie Sorrows and the Rothschild bullshit meisters have been busy as dung beetles in the alternative press for a long time. They fuel uproar and paranoia around the globe. I don’t know what to think so I just fall back on my “rely” thing and that seems to work.
Is Fukushima going to wipe out the Northern Hemisphere? Are natural disasters going to jump that gun? Is World War 3 going to preempt them both? Are massive space vehicles going to come out of the skies, having turned off their cloaking devices? We know we have had visitors from other worlds. These things are engraved in stone, in the relics of vanished cultures all over the planet. What about the Ft. Detrick type of bio warfare that evil twisted scientists can’t seem to restrain themselves from engaging in?
I’m leaning toward a process of vibrationary transition; something that will be obvious to those who have done the work and been proactively engaged in their own evolution and which will go by unnoticed by the dick and stomach addicts, who are circling around the little yellow chick hoppers, being branded, burned and tagged for the purpose of demonstration, even if those so engaged are oblivious to the demonstration.
I keep hearing that whatever is coming, will arrive so quickly and fully that we’ll be shocked at the speed and magnitude of it. It’s that ‘twinkling of an eye’ thing. Something about my recent work is not meeting the approval of some and I’m hard pressed to get that either, since it’s not much different than it’s ever been.
It’s a ticklish and nerve wracking affair. You can’t do much about what you can’t see and which hasn’t arrived; trembling here in limbo… ‘I don’t know’ gets more like itself every day. World leaders are batshit and as corrupt as the ambulatory corpses of rag tag and rotting zombies, rising out of the grave. They’re all a bunch of stolen cars, hijacked by demons from the infernal realm. Joyriding demons are burning out the clutch, ignoring the brakes and putting the pedal to the medal, inside the heads and empty hearts of blind and lost souls, leading the blind into box canyons and dead end swamps. These are the abandoned and foreclosed homes of the victims of the alligator sharks.
The prison industry is privatized. Interstates are being sold to corporations. The Chinese are coming to town in a big way. It’s expanding and replicating all over the place. Everything has been reduced to the theme and process by which Mitt Romney made his money in the first place. America is being dismantled and sold for scrap. A long hot summer looms, as the pedophile, psychopath satanists ratchet up for their false flag fever pageant. Deep in the heart of the financial center of world economics, they’re drafting up some new competitions for The Olympics. There’s a new category, called, “Run for your Life and Drop in your Tracks”. They got cameras watching cameras. They got wild gangs of drunken girls, who are no longer waiting for the midnight hour. It’s Pin the Tale on the Muslim time, as the Zio-Ogre roars in The House of Commons and The House of Lords, in Congresses and Parliaments where the only good gentile is a dead, dismembered or incarcerated gentile.
None of this is a mystery, except for those for whom it is a mystery, as to how they can pat their stomachs and chew gum at the same time. Dumb and Dumber, approach the logical bummer that is the inescapable result of stupidity on steroids. “Kiss my ass motherfucker. You can’t buy no pussy. Kiss my ass. Gimmie a fish (and chips) sandwich, motherfucker”.
You look at the options and you look at the possibilities and then you look at the players and the options and possibilities go right out the window. Dreadful destiny is on rails, headed for the crash dummy walls. I troubleshoot the scenarios in my mind but it all has to be weighed against the intellectual vacuum of the players. Waking up is not a medium of optimism, when you wake up in the same state of ignorance you went to sleep in. Maybe I have the math wrong and I’m missing something and I hope I am. As much as I mention not getting fooled by appearances, I must say, they’re pretty intimidating but I just keep telling myself that that is not all there is. No matter what it might look like that’s not all there is. Appearances are intrinsically a lie. They are what they are in order to get you to believe in what is not. It’s the applied ritual of enforced slavery and it’s as old as time.
Well, it has to turn out better than it looks, because it doesn’t make sense any other way. We’re simply dealing with majority and minority destinies based on radically different directions. You will get where you are headed. You can count on that.
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