Shithouse Rats on the Armageddon Train

Smoking Mirrors – May 10, 2012

Dog Poet Transmitting…….
May your noses always be cold and wet!
(for some reason, I cannot comment but I can post. I can imagine the source of the problem- grin-, so, we’ll just limp along from my end, till it clears up.)
We’re still out of function, at dumbass junction and the creeps in the shit just won’t quit; so it goes in the moment. If it’s not flat out drug dealing by the people who shouldn’t be anywhere near drugs, unless they are taking them in a suicide attempt, which has my full approval, they’re transparently behind all the dirty works that they want to blame on an organization that doesn’t exist and which they created for the purpose of their police state agenda. Someone mentioned this being an honest mistake, on the part of an evil, no talent, sewer rat. His capacity toward honest mistakes, is about as dubious as his lineage and… since he’s already been previously accused of the same thing before, one can hardly be faulted for noticing his commitment to the usual Tribal behavior, that is the hallmark of his kind. I’m sure that’s a non PC reference on my part. Good for me.
Meanwhile, more and more, hard to imagine, really crazy things keep surfacing, on that fly speckled windshield, through which the present presents itself. I’m not sure if this qualifies as an episode of “Justified” or “Breaking Bad”; either will do; Gus Fring to the white courtesy phone.
Everywhere I go these days, I see implosion and ever greater degrees of absurdity. I don’t know whether to laugh or cry and alternatively I do both. I’m working on rewriting The Constitution and The Bill of Rights but that might have to wait a few days until I’m back in the mood where I started to do it, which requires a particular comestible to attain the full effect of it (grin).
Satanism and Tribe efforts and agendas are mutual and codependent and as the smallest minority on the planet, they also make up the largest percentage of satanists and militant gay Nazis. “The facts are on our side”. Right, sure they are. If you go over to Shithouse Rat News (also known as Fox), you find the news to be mostly about this, except for mention of the latest murder event by Mossad and the CIA in Syria. The media is completely owned by shithouse rats and reported on by shithouse rats, to the point that they seldom even give their names anymore, because it would be so obvious who was doing all of it. Does this anti-therapy bill not look a lot like certain laws that came out about an event in Europe, supposedly around World War Two? This war followed the mass murder of tens of millions in Russia, due to The Tribe’s Bolshevik Revolution. Didn’t happen? The Russia thing, I mean? Of course it did? You don’t agree? You’re a shithouse rat too. Yeah baby, that’s where we at, gonna boogie down with a shithouse rat.
Anybody think I like talking about this so often? Why is it that I do? Well, I’m surrounded by cowards, whose chief entertainment is being buggered by shithouse rats. I suppose that makes me aunti-this and aunti that but Uncle Tom I’m not, l’dat. Let me quote myself, just in case it went by in a blur the first time, or happened because of a bump of discomfort on the part of chicken shits, who want to go along to get along; boom! Right into the abyss; “Satanism and Tribe efforts and agendas are mutual and codependent and as the smallest minority on the planet they also make up the largest percentage of satanists and militant gay Nazis”. I guess my grandmother might not approve of my language but, she’s long gone and I’m not into ancestor worship.
The two links mentioned here that deal with the issue under discussion, are filled with so much slant, cant and ratshit that it would make any normal person, any objective minded individual, cringe from the contemplation of them. The good and bad news is that there aren’t hardly any of those people around anymore. This is what has brought Mr. Apocalypse out of his coffin and into the cold light of this faux, global warming day. Yeah, they want to make global denying against the law and saying who did 9/11 against the law too. They want to make everything against the law, except for every illegal and unnatural act on their own parts. We’ll see.
It’s time and past time for the big stick to come out and open that gigantic can of Whoopass. It’s time and past time, for payback to come back, for those who created all the cancers so that their quack physicians could not cure it, so that their medical supply companies, hospital killing grounds, insurance companies and all the rest of their interdependent business interests could make a fortune out of it, along with all their charities, which are no more than vampire blood banks. It’s time and past time to open the Gates of Hell and wish them a faretheeill.
Ah, come on Visible, it’s not all that bad. You are correct Sir and Madame, it is far worse than that. Where is The Toxic Avenger and Disgusto Man? I saw two pieces of psychopathic, violence porn recently, “The Avengers” and “Underworld Awakening”. It must be that either my consciousness is going through some kind of transformation, or they have really gone over the top, to the point that the ratshit and the sick shit, are now crossbreeding 24/7 and if you say anything about that, you had better keep in mind that it is probably against the law and the only reason it isn’t against the law, is that it is in the process of becoming against the law.
Putin is not coming to the GQ 8, or whatever they are calling it, yet I see this. What the hell does that mean? Shades of Red Dawn! Don’t even try to figure it out. You don’t need a Ferrari anymore to go nowhere fast. You can get there standing still now. Answers? Fuggedaboutit. In a world of postdated 68’s, I guess you can’t expect more, unless someone is going to cum in the mail. “I been searchin” oh yeah baby, “I got 99”. Let me see, 68 from 99 leaves you 31. That doesn’t tell me anything either. Big surprise.
So, back to that shithouse rat, lack of courage, conviction and “I voted for Richard Nixon”, thing. Does it matter if you stand up for or state what you believe in, which happens at the same time to be also true? I have no way of knowing at the moment. I know that silence can often be a crime of omission. Maybe that’s a clue to something, even though Bob’s not my uncle. I’m turning it around in my mind like meditation balls in my hand. I’m trying to picture it and afraid that if I do, I’ll never get another erection in this life and may even need my own therapy, which will also be against the law.
This is probably more Petri Dish than Smoking Mirrors but what comes up is what goes out. Given that the culture now resembles a mouth full of Jujubes and Gummy Bears stuck to the rotting teeth of a skid-row alcoholic, dead in some alley, where Love and Truth lie beaten, bleeding and alone, I’d say it’s brunch time for shithouse rats and the tribe they rode in on. It gives a whole new meaning to picking your teeth (in Poughkeepsie? Wrong reference, no doubt).
How is it that we have come to the point where all of the news and topics of conversation, are focused on the smallest concerns of the least numbers of us? Why… it must be because the death of the culture and the destruction of its basic unit is the main priority of shithouse rats.
I don’t usually talk like this in real life. Then again, I haven’t seen real life since MTV told me what it was and there are all kinds of Big Brother, I’m guessing. One just has to soldier on at this point and endure at every other point, until critical mass comes around and bites those shithouse rats on the ass. You know as much as I do at this point and probably more, in some cases. I know that Shamballa, Shangri-La and the Western Pure Land, are all the same place. I had that pointed out to me a couple of days ago, in the most undeniable fashion, while at the same time being told that I didn’t have to do anything about it, my RSVP was on the way. That’s some comfort.
Having screwed up many things, for the purpose of demonstration, I have some idea of what I can and cannot do and the latter certainly exceeds the former. Rats on a stick anyone?
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Smoking Mirrors looks at much of what the mainstream media ignores. While in Profiles in Evil, he seeks to expose those shrouded in darkness to nature’s most powerful disinfectant, light.

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