Control Freak: Jeff Rense Couldn’t Keep a Job

Jekyll & Rense: A Third Ex-Wife Speaks, Part Two

MAKOW NOTE: I was not married to Jeff Rense but we had a fruitful 12-year collaboration. Like nine other wives and numerous girlfriends & fiancees, I had no idea who he really was. Now Jeff’s “Ex’s” are exposing this man who has convinced thousands that he is the champion of  truth, integrity & freedom. Significantly, his psychopathic behavior is consistent over 35 years and continues today. The painful truth is that he is an imposter and we have been duped. Click here for the complete Rense File.

By Anonymous Ex-Wife – May 6, 2012

In the four years we were together, Jeff was unemployed about half of the time.  When he was working, he would not allow me to work. 
When he was unemployed, I would work, but Jeff would drive me to and from my job.  I was not allowed to socialize after work with my co-workers.We moved frequently; 12 times in 4 years!  I got to the point where I could pack up a 3-bedroom house in 24 hours, with boxes that I would save from the previous move.The first move after listing the Santa Barbara house, was to Spokane, WA, for a job that he took with a TV station there.  The movers picked up our belongings and we drove up to WA  to get ourselves settled.  We rented a place.After Jeff’s first night on the job, he came home, white as a sheet, and told me, “I can’t work there!”  He hated it and said that we would leave WA immediately.  We called the movers and told them to hold our belongings until we knew where we were going.We drove to Reno, NV, and stayed at his Grandparents place.  He applied for work at a TV station in Reno, and we started looking for a place to live. 

Keep in mind, Jeff was very talented at what he did, but always had personality issues with the people he worked for. He needed to be in control and did not like being under somebody else.  As a result, I saw him get fired and/or quit a number of his TV station jobs because of his personality problem.


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