Jekyll & Rense: A Third Ex-Wife Speaks

By Anonymous Jeff Rense Ex-Wife – May 5, 2012

MAKOW NOTE: I was not married to Jeff Rense but we had a fruitful 11-year collaboration. Like nine other wives and numerous former girlfriends & fiancees, I had no idea who he really was. Now Jeff’s “Ex’s” are exposing this man who has convinced thousands that he is the champion of  integrity & freedom. Significantly, his psychopathic controlling behavior is consistent over 35 years and continues. The painful truth is that he is an imposter and we have been duped. Click here for the complete Rense File.
I was a young, carefree, happy and successful woman when I first met Jeff Rense. 
I was 25 yrs. old and had seven years Banking/Mortgage Lending experience, when I started working for a Real Estate Investment Co. in Montecito, a wealthy suburb of Santa Barbara.
Shortly after I started working there, Jeff spotted me in the parking lot, and came out to introduce himself.  He was employed by KCOY,  a local TV station that had a small office located upstairs in the same building.  I found him to be very charming, intelligent, witty, and handsome, and we began dating.
In the beginning, he was so much fun to be around!  He seemed interested in all the things I enjoyed.  He took me roller skating along the beach.  He was romantic, very affectionate, and loving. 
He roller skated with me despite the fact that he had a bad knee.  He confided in me that upon injuring his knee playing basketball, he intentionally made it worse, thoroughly destroying his right knee so that he was officially “disabled” and exempt from the draft.  He did this because he was afraid he would die in Vietnam if he were drafted.
Jeff was starting to construct a home on the hillside in Santa Barbara.  It was a beautiful property on 1 1/3 acres, overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  It bordered a 50-ac natural wildlife preserve and was still very close to the center of town.  [He extorted this land from wife #3. -Ed]
He asked me to live with him when he finished constructing his home.  When I told my mother, she was extremely upset about our “living together”.  She was very religious and old-fashioned and wanted to see us married. 
Jeff manipulated me by saying, “Your mother is right; we should get married”.  We flew up to Lake Tahoe, NV, for the weekend and got married in a lakeside chapel.  We were married just 3 months after we met.
Soon after our wedding, Jeff lost his job at KCOY-TV and was unemployed.  I was concerned, but Jeff called all the shots in our relationship.


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