The Conspiracy is Spiritual in Essence

Real Currencies – May 1, 2012

By The Transparent Unicorn for Real Currencies and The Transparent Unicorn

Many alternative media bloggers and commentators often feel uncomfortable with addressing the “politically incorrect” aspects of the war the elites are waging against humanity. They would prefer to focus only on the technical or material aspects, such as the mathematical instability of our monetary system, or on possible reforms of the political system, which they consider to be the core issues.
On the one hand, their arguments are sensible. It is possible to objectively demonstrate, for instance, that our monetary system is dysfunctional and mathematically unstable regardless of who controls it. Moreover, by doing so without referring to subjective viewpoints, the argument is made more accessible to a wide variety of readers, regardless of their religious or political views. In that sense, bringing in a spiritual or ideological dimension may indeed dilute the message and render it less palatable to some people.
On the other hand, this approach leads to a narrow perspective whose usefulness is limited to topics that are accessible to mathematical inquiry. It ignores the inextricable connections between money, power, economic theories and political ideologies. In fact, it is artificial to try to separate the monetary issues from other aspects. Some of us may prefer do it out of intellectual convenience but in reality everything is tied together.
The truth is that the Zionist-Pharisaic-Talmudist-Kabbalist-Sabbatean-Satanist conspiracy (acronym ZPTKSS) is spiritual in its essence. The end goal of these evil forces is to corrupt humanity.  Of course, humans always had the potential to be corrupted, but these ideologies are justifying and glorifying this corruption by emphasizing the love of money and material possessions, by focusing on terrestrial glory instead of spiritual development, on mechanical sexuality instead of love, and, most importantly, on the desires of the ego instead of those of the Creator.
These latter aspects could perhaps be safely ignored if the ZPTKSS conspiracy had only corrupted our monetary system. But this is far from being the case. Science has been hijacked and used to promote Kabbalist concepts such as the Big Bang and Darwin’s natural selection that were already anticipated by the Zohar in the 12th century. Vaccines were probably a medical fraud from the very beginning. Culture, art, and music have been debased, especially in the last century, to appeal to our lowest instincts. Moral values have been perverted by Satanic tenets. All sorts of social institutions, from families to governments, have been affected, perhaps irrevocably in some cases.
Now, it will be pointed out that without control of the monetary system, the ZPTKSS assault would have been ineffectual. Therefore, the argument goes, by focusing our efforts on the monetary issues, we can ensure that the conspiracy will be rooted out. Of course, if ZPTKSS did not dominate Money Power, it would not have had the means to influence the entire society with its ideas.
Nevertheless, this argument is dangerously misguided. It is precisely because of the ideologies and moral values that it promotes that ZPTKSS and its adherents went on to dominate Money Power and world politics, not the reverse. Indeed, it is because of this ideology that there is a Money Power.  It is a symptom of the ZPTKSS domination that we live in a world where usury is not only accepted but justified, and where the virtual representation of wealth under all its guises (gold, fiat currencies, shares, bonds) controls real labor and productivity, instead of merely facilitating it. People must not only understand what is wrong about our monetary system, but also realize that there should not be a Money Power in the first place.
In order to achieve this, we must fight this battle on two fronts: 1) to educate people about monetary issues and to try to change the system, but also and equally importantly 2) to get them to realize how their values have been distorted and inverted so as to make them willing servants of Money Power. Addressing only the technical and mathematical aspects of our monetary system while ignoring the prevalence of materialistic values will only get us halfway there.
Doubtlessly, some readers will interpret this essay as consisting merely of “racist” rhetoric under another guise and criticize what they consider to be a demagogic attempt to blame a particular group of people. But this is a grave misunderstanding.
In the end this is not about Zionism, or Jews, or Jesuits, or Satanists, it is about humanity “rediscovering” truth and finding its moral compass. But the truth is that we are currently waging a spiritual war with powerful forces that are bent on enslaving us. In order to do this, they must first prevent us from becoming spiritually aware.
Clearly, if we want to win this war, our first assignment is to identify the enemy and understand its strategies. This is a fundamental requirement for any combatant, whether he is involved in a war on the physical plane or on the spiritual one. To avoid any confusion, it is worth reiterating that the advocacy of violence, racism, or supremacist ideologies must be condemned: in fact this plays right into the enemy’s hands by focusing on purely physical aspects. But ignoring the spiritual dimension of this war, or refusing to acknowledge the true nature of the enemy, is akin to marching to the battlefield wearing blinders, with a result that is all too predictable.

The Transparent Unicorn is a long-time commentator on issues related to Money Power and the New World Order conspiracy. Visit his new blog.

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