The Pervasive Influence of a Poisoned Dream

Smoking Mirrors – May 4, 2012

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This is longer than most of you will read but it says it all. This is what happens, when corrupt politicians, voted into office by abysmally ignorant people, with ‘wag the dog’ brain sphincters, allow central banks owned by viral, tribal psychopaths, who have preyed on humanity for millennium, are allowed to print and control the currency of the nation. It’s a riddle of sorts. You might call it the Riddle of the Sphincter.
They immediately extend out from currency control, to control of the media, publishing, entertainment and all related fields, after having taken control of the government and its foreign policy, so as to make war, wherever the profit motive directs their attention. There can be no argument about it. It is irrefutably true. Anyone who argues against it, disbelieves it, or doesn’t want to hear about it, deserves what they get and so do their offspring, for having chosen that medium of delivery. They continue from these considerations, to control of sexual mores, which they promote in all mainstream media, begging us to weep about some poor entity who insists on wearing female apparel to high school. The point of this, is cultural control and the destruction of that culture. The sexual angle is incidental, it’s just one of the features of reverse engineered kundalini, for the purpose of enforced worship of the material plane which is one of the tenets of Satanism, which is the religion of this viral tribe of Satanic psychopaths.
They operate under an all points agenda and this is what also led to the hijacking of other religions, for the purpose of establishing themselves as special, which they are in the eyes of their horned god. They set up a competitive religion of victim-hood, in order to defense against all the terrible things they did, in all of the nations where they set up temporary residence,until they would get thrown out. They got thrown out of nearly every nation on Earth and some more than once. Most of the founding fathers of the, what some still call, The United States of America, warned about these people but that is pretty much expunged from the areas where most people get their information. It can’t really be called information, any more than pre-swallowed and then regurgitated food could be called food but, then again, if you eat it, no matter what it is, then maybe it is food. If you repeat what cannot be contradicted as to what the founding father’s actually said, you are called an anti-Semitic, by people who are not Semitic. These people force-created a fabricated nation, on stolen land, that belonged tithe people they drove off of their land and displaced with themselves. These people that they abused and seek to liquidate, are the people, that the people who did this to them, claim to be.
Many of you have heard these things before. These things are all true. They can all be proven, very simply and very comprehensibly. They cannot be disproven factually. They can be smoked over and obscured but they are so. They are so. Much worse things are true. I suspect everything said about these people is true and much worse. Some things I have not set out to prove, not because they are terrifying and noxious; probably not more so than many of the things I can prove, but there is no real point in my documenting the litany of their sins. They are Satanists. There are no boundaries to the evil of which they are capable. One shouldn’t get lost in endless speculations. You call it as you see it and if you are fearful of something that is horrible, oppressive and seems powerful, you then must be motivated to find a defense against it. You must study to find if there is a power greater than that,which is the vehicle of material oppression and blindness-making confinement and you must prove it to your satisfaction as being so and being at all. If you do not or cannot then you had better make your peace with your slave masters and be a good little mind slave and consumer junkie and content to live from the scraps at your master’s table until you die in ignominy in their minds and your own.
Neither part of this equation is easy but both sides have been proven to the satisfaction and dissatisfaction of many, by those who have come before …and left all the needed evidence, besides your personal conviction and the necessities of experience, through their own histories, writings and journals, or those composed about them.
Just because you don’t want to hear something, doesn’t mean it isn’t true and also doesn’t mean you won’t hear it at some point, or be affected by it to your detriment or benefit. Great and seemingly invincible armies have been defeated. Massive armadas have sunk and drowned at the bottom of the sea. Vast empires are now nothing but ruins. These things are true.
Some huge portion of the world,probably around 90%, is comfortably discontent enough to be swept along in the currents of the great river of dreams. On the way they latch on to flotsam and jetsam and maybe they snag on a sandbank and there they linger, until the river floods and they are carried back away on the current once more, on down the river, until it meets the sea. This is true.
Times change. Situations and conditions come and go. Nothing, except what you cannot see is a constant. Yes,the sun exists for many many millions of years, billions of years and life has always been coming and going in one form or another, for as long as the sun shines. Try as you might and study as you like, you will never be aware of more than a small portion of it and much of that can only be perceived internally by grace of intuitive means. The vastness is incomprehensible. What should one make and what does one make of their existence with such a consideration? That is something that everyone must and does answer for themselves. What lies beyond is inferred in the words that state it, it is beyond. Do you go toward it and one day engage and inhabit it or does it come to you where you are, in a flash of comprehension? Is it something more than this, is it something much more than this, is it something else?
We have a common enemy and that common enemy has footsoldiers, leaders and representatives, just as a government does. It runs a vast open air prison, that is stocked with the willing and unwilling who are managed and dealt with, by the too willing who do it for money, or power, or the perks …and sometimes for all of these with the added feature, they like it. They enjoy the work. It gets them off. There is nothing human left in creatures like this. They are possessed by the demon mind of an ancient evil. They are intractable and irreversible. They are the children, the architects and the builders of Hell and they are building it one flaming stone at a time. Depending on the time and conditions, they may have many added workers, due to the pervasive influence of a poisoned dream. At other times there are fewer of these. Only a fool and one swallowed up in it, is unaware of what times and conditions these are.
Tomorrow comes a super full moon. There are many opinions concerning what it means and what it brings and various kinds of controlled disinfo. Apparently, visualization is a satanic practice. I suppose vision is a satanic sense? Well, the eye is associated with the devil in The Tarot but… that mostly has to do with it being the organ through which, one views and is deceived by, illusion. That doesn’t have to be the case. One has to suppose that visions must be satanic too, if visualization is. I suspect those making these claims would then say it depends on who is having the visions. I guess if it’s one of their people it’s okay. On one of the other ‘sides’ of the general perspective, they believe what they believe and continue with what they are up to. On this day there is to be a world liberation, meditation visualization, of all the bankers and lesser bad guys getting rounded up and put in jail. I see that as a definite positive should it happen. I guess that puts me more in one camp than the other.
I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow, or next week. I don’t know what’s going to happen today or five minutes from now. I know less about most things, than those who know far less than me, are more informed of and more convinced of,than I am. It’s easy, for the moment, for many of these people. Most of the bad things are happening to someone else and they still believe that it is their industry, smarts, higher moral character and better connected religion that is responsible for that; all their private sins and failings notwithstanding.
With everything that has happened in recent decades, far too many people have, by means truly mysterious to me, managed to convince themselves of the truth of preposterous lies, in the face of convincing, compelling and convicting evidence and testimony to the contrary. They are truly dumber than a rock. A rock is able to be still and quiet, even though it doesn’t know how to do anything else and that is a greater accomplishment than the people of which I speak. I often believe I should be more like the rocks but apparently that’s not my job. However, the defining and demarcating justification and judgement for speech and action is, is it true? Is it true? If it is not true it will meet the truth on the road. If it is true it will burn falsehood. It will render it to ash. I’m comfortable with that.
One of the reasons that I don’t take the praise I get seriously, or the blame and most of the criticism either, is that I have seen how quickly people can change when you do not tell them what they want to hear, or when you don’t do what they want you to do. I’ve seen it many times. I’ve engineered it on purpose to prove it to myself, just to maintain an equanimity of perspective. I wonder if there is a hidden meaning to equivocate being so close to equanimity in the dictionary? I don’t know if it is, I don’t have a dictionary. Step by step we make our way to that which we cannot see or interpret, until we arrive there and then?There you are.
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