Adolph Eichmann, Iran and the Holocaust Conference

T Stokes – June 29, 2006

The Holocaust conference sponsored by Iran caused much consternation inside Israel. So much so, a Mossad informant tells me, that it was closely monitored for possible reprisal action.

It is this that has prompted the recent release of information on Adolf Eichmann, in an attempt to steal the thunder of what may have come out.

Allied intelligence culled information over many years from retired intelligence sources, the wartime Jewish underground, Mossad, G.R.U and particularly national security archive material. Included in this are documents and information that some would prefer never see the light of day.

Much of this was likely discussed and debated at the Holocaust conference and the ramifications could be far reaching. Indeed, given enough publicity it could have led to a dramatic reappraisal of how we now view the aftermath of WWII and the events of the past few decades.

There is much here that both Israel and America would prefer were forgotten.

Pivotal to this would be the role of Adolph Eichmann, head of Gestapo section IV B4 on Jewish activities.

Along with 120 others including his Zionism expert, Otto Von Bolshwing, many Jewish informers and the brutal Klaus Barbie, Eichmann was given U S protection while some of the 120 were even given U.S. citizenship, because during W W II Churchill had forbidden any intelligence gathering on Russia, whom he said were “our allies.”

However, in the wake of WWII “our allies” infiltrated British intelligence, trade unions and the money supply to spread communism and gather the wealth, as in the Soviet confiscation, of the vast Romanov fortunes.

According to Soviet masterspy, Ruth Cohen, almost every single British spy for communism before, during and after WWII and the cold war, was either Jewish or homosexual or both.

The 1930’s Cambridge University debating society called the apostles was run by 12 communist activists, with tentacles into the upper reaches of British power, intelligence and politics.

In documents prior to WWII, the forerunner to the KGB, the Cheka referred to Britain as “the main adversary “. After the war however that changed and K.G.B documents named America in this role, showing a shift in emphasis in Soviet plans.

By the end of WWII, Russia was more of a threat to Anglo-American interests than Germany. The only people who had any intelligence apparatus in Russia during WWII had been the Germans, and thus all their senior personnel were guaranteed immunity from prosecutions by the forerunner to the CIA, the OSS.

Together with “Operation Paperclip” numerous German scientists, intelligence officers, scientific research papers, plans and Nazi technology were smuggled west, to prevent them falling into the hands of the Soviets.

Eichmann at his trial in Jerusalem, 1961.Klaus Barbie and 120 others are listed in restricted documents as CIA assets, which means they kept up the battle against communism by assisting the U.S.A.
Adolph Eichmann,
who went to Palestine in 1937 to negotiate a homeland for the Jews, had been assured of CIA protection for life, and the CIA were furious when Israel went back on an agreement and kidnapped him from Argentina in 1960.

The Argentineans were also angry over this betrayal and they asked the U.N. Security Council to mediate.

Intercepted radio traffic describes dealings with the Simon Wiesenthal centre that would only gather and disseminate information on wartime German nationals. However many Germans from the war would only talk to someone impartial, so similar information appeared in David Irvings books, and it is this source information from both the Wiesenthal centre, and Irvings observers that Iran is keen to go through.

A prominent London rabbi told me at Passover in 1961 that tests had shown that it could take 15 minutes to gather a group of men together and gas them. So how did so many in the camps survive for the years of the war?

I am unable to answer this, but the final solution in original documents did not refer to killing people, but to deportation out of Europe, to the island of Madagascar, a plan negotiated by Eichmannn.

Britain’s wartime leaders knew about the plight of the Jews, but were forbidden by the Rothschild banking syndicate to intervene.

As a child I could not understand why Hitler, a man who had rebuilt Germany back from a devastated country after WWI, was so obsessed with Jews. What did they do to deserve this I wondered?

It took many years for me to discover what the wars financiers had done to Germany. As a result of their actions, Hitler intended taking the monetary supply away from the international moneymen and keeping it within Germany — thereby ensuring prosperity.

Eichman in prison in Jerusalem, 1961.The Rothschild syndicates admiralty documents seen by me some years ago state something similar. And I believe both Abraham Lincoln and J.F.K were killed because they threatened the monetary supply system monopolised by the same banking syndicates.

Whatever else he was, Eichmann was a Jewish advocate. If you read the original Gestapo paperwork many Germans asked if Eichmann himself was Jewish because he resembled one and because of his work for them. This is not as strange as it may sound, as has been documented as many as 150,000 Germans of Jewish descent served in Germany’s army, navy and air force during WWII.

However, Israel needed a scapegoat and rather than try some its founders for collaborating with the Nazis, Eichman was chosen instead. Just as the banking cartels had once used Germany’s Jews as a scapegoat.

The late T Stokes was an investigator into the paranormal and the occult and former member of British Intelligence