Bin Laden Documents Go Online

News Brief – April 3, 2012

Documents seized during last year’s raid on bin Laden’s Pakistan hideout were posted online Thursday by the U.S. military’s Combating Terrorism Center.
Many corporate media outlets quoted them verbatim but none, that I’ve come across, question whether they were actually written by bin Laden.
Just think about it for a moment.
The U.S. military or one of its intelligence departments could very easily employ the services of a ghost writer to pen this alleged account of bin Laden’s final days. It would make operational sense too: propaganda and psychological campaigns being a key component in modern war.
Shaping and guiding public perception is now a vital element in any military campaign. Without it popular support would rapidly ebb away, especially as the costs mount and the body bags start coming home.
So it’s no surprise to find that these documents, purportedly written by bin Laden or a top deputy, seem to justify the use of unmanned drones. An ongoing operation that is particularly controversial at the moment, especially in Pakistan.
Britain’s Guardian yesterday quoted the former alleged leader of Al Qaeda or one of his aides lamenting the damaged caused by the ongoing U.S. air campaign. The article, Al-Qaida document cache reveals toll of US drone strikes on Bin Laden’s plans, features extensive quotes from the alleged terror mastermind:

“Our Waziristani brothers, for example, said that they were frankly exhausted from the enemy’s air bombardments. The enemy has been given almost a worldwide approval to violate the air space of other countries and to attack anyone whom it views as its enemy.”

I direct the readers attention to the phrase “frankly exhausted”, which does not quite ring true with the language one would expect from a terrorist desperado. More like the phraseology used by a highly educated Westerner in the employ of the intelligence services.  
The Guardian article continues:

Bin Laden said the air attacks made it necessary to keep reserves back from the “front line”.

“The reserves will not, for the most part, be effective in such conflicts. Basically, we could lose the reserves to enemy’s air strikes. We cannot fight air strikes with explosives!” he said.

From this it would seem that the drone campaign is taking its toll on Al Qaeda. Or so whoever wrote it would have us believe for the documents seem to justify a campaign that has thus far killed many innocents.
The Guardian however, doesn’t even question whether bin Laden was the actual writer, despite the fact that he was reported dead as far back as 2001 by Fox News.  
In fact there were numerous reports a decade ago indicating bin Laden was dead and even Afghan President Hamid Karzai is on record in 2002 saying he believed that the Al Qaeda leader was no longer alive.
Nonetheless, the intellectual whores at the Guardian recite without question the U. S. military’s account of events, complete with the 2011 death of bin Laden.
To further ensure that th0se lies remain hidden his body was buried at sea, thereby preventing any future exhumation for DNA tests. All of which was dutifully reported, without question by the same corporate media
To add insult to our intelligence, in the same article the Guardian also quotes from the American al-Qaida spokesman Adam Gadahn. However, the Guardian ignores the fact that Gadahn, real name Adam Pearlman, is in fact the grandson of former Anti-Defamation League board member Carl K. Pearlman.
Disregarding the fact that he is the grandson of a board member from a prominent Zionist organisation, the Guardian reports how Gadahn/Pearlman suggests the Irish could be turned against the Catholic church.
In other words Gadahn is a fraud, being used to stir the Christian sheeple against Islam, with the aid of compliant journalists at the Guardian.

An earlier photo of Ayman al-Zawahiri. Note the motif on the backdrop

As in the picture (left) of bin Laden’s alleged successor – take a look at the Star of David motif on the backdrop behind Al Zawahiri, the covert signs of Zionist/Western intelligence involvement are everywhere to be seen – for those who know

 If ever there are any war crimes trials for this illegal and criminal “War on Terror” journalists in the corporate media should be among those indicted, for helping to conceal the crimes that are part of the campaign and promulgating the lies that justify them.

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