Eat Drink and Be Wary

Visible Origami – May 3, 2012

May your noses always be cold and wet.
We’ve been coming across things like this that is also mirrored in other places and certainly more places than I have seen. I hear tell it’s an internet hoax; one of those consummations devoutly to be wished but too good to be true. Still, ‘something like that’ has to happen. One thing for sure, they are jumping ship in free fall panic numbers. Something is up and if it’s not good for them it can only be very good for us. Anything that harms, retards or screws up the operations of bankers is good for us;with the exception of when their greed provokes them into serious mistakes and they take it out on us.
I don’t want to talk about bankers today, that is more the province of the other blogs, which have increasingly bled over into this one and shouldn’t. I feel more like talking about diets and disciplines; seeing as that has been being discussed in the comments section lately. I’m no expert at either one but I can talk about what I have experienced on my way, to the point,where I find myself talking about it today. I’ll simply mention what I have noticed, what’s been effective and what kind of results I’ve gotten.
Americans have the most expensive piss in the world. They take the most do nothing vitamins that don’t assimilate, or they take them wrong, not with their food, often with their morning coffee and often enough with their morning coffee,while driving to their commitments, in some anonymous cubicle or corner office, overlooking the inevitable inferno to come and indifferent to the inferno within. Well, they are somewhat aware of that but it remains mostly background noise until it turns into significant pain.
People are mostly able to eat what they eat due to genetics and their well being is mostly reliant on youth. That was how it used to be, until modified foods from the satanic larder started showing up on the dinner table and then you also began to notice people snatching items from snack wagons and kiosks and eating whatever it is on the run. Then you add in the complications and deceptions that contemporary life forces upon the unknowing and provokes within the willing, who want to have their cake, your cake and pork it too, if they can get it to stand still, restrain it or deceive it into compliance. All of these things come to the dinner and breakfast table too. No doubt they show up for lunch as well. Toss in alcohol, the desire for which is fueled by depression and then toss in all those pills for depression and then toss in that stress is behind most disease and discomfort. Toss death into that equation again.- in relation to stress and all kinds of other things I could mention and probably some I’m not aware of and diet takes on a whole new series of dimensions.
What I have found is that eating a healthy diet takes care of most people’s needs comprehensively. It does for me. I’ve found that eating once a day is optimum. Of all the diets I have ever been involved with, the macrobiotic diet heads the list for most salutary and noticeably beneficent results. I’ve taken Blue Green Algae and spirulina and other things, now and then for a time, but the period fades and I just go on with what I’ve always done with some occasional enhancements. Dietary consistency is the consideration. You want to know what to eat, study the peasants, the common folk, in different countries. Look into which countries live the longest and stay the healthiest. You want to know what not to eat, visit fast food outlets, the processed foods section of the supermarket and uptown restaurants where the chefs are members of their own Murder Inc. You see the results in all the maladies that the rich get as a result of eating out every night, or ordering take-out all the rest of the time. This is the source of many contemporary problems coupled with a lack of regular exercise and no focus on anything besides what next to put in their bodies and what next to put in someone else’s body, or have someone insert in their body or maybe just watch it happening, while manipulating the joystick. Of course, personal fantasies can take any shape and exist in a state of mild to severe possession of the faculties. Given this is Kali Yuga, the needle tends toward the severe. One of the primary offspring of fantasy is confusion. Then comes the twins, guilt and regret. Oh well, there’s all kinds of things I could add here but,for the most part you’re already aware of what they are.
Of course, for me, the main ingredient is Love. If Love is invoked into the molecular structure of your food and if it motivates your thought and action it pre-empts dietary concerns, at least in terms of what is more important. Not having Love operative, in all the features of your life, reduces them to ordinary things. Love is what makes things extraordinary. Love is what really empowers food. If that weren’t the case,then psychopathic rich people, who eat good diets, would be fine and dandy. You might argue that, according to the way things look at the moment that they are doing just fine and dandy. That’s an imperfect perception, part of all the things designed to deceive us and depress us and kill our spirit.
All of the complexity of this world is a calculated effort to diminish the value of the few simple and truly important things that get lost in the shuffle, amidst all the plethora of useless and temporary things that surround us and on which the corporations depend on your routine and constant consumption of them for their existence and profit. I could have probably worded that better but I’m a little under the gun time wise.
The other thing that is all important is some form of meditation or similar spiritual practice. The consistent employment of this ritual, will insure your expedite devolution and transubstantiate the things you encounter; the things you produce, the things you ingest and add angelic ringtones to the things you profess. Nothing develops to its full potential without consistency of application. People fully engaged in these things and for whom these practices and principals are the centerpiece of their life do not have the problems that other people do and when they do encounter difficulty, they know it is going to be resolved in a positive and educative fashion. They acquire an ever deepening reliance and trust in the author of all things. They don’t need to be shaken up and hammered with doubt and fear because faith and Love have come into residence and that is the point of the whole exercise.
I don’t know about all of these specialty items that people seem to think are so necessary for their diet and their life. I can’t say one way or the other. It may all be to the good and I approve of that on a case by case basis (grin).What I have come to find for myself is that the simpler the better,in all principles and practices. You can get simple and you can get highly complex in spiritual matters. I find simple works best for me. That said, let’s just cut this short because I have other things on my plate. I’ll be on Jeff Rense’s Radio show, May 4th, 9to 10 Pacific Time this Friday. Hope to see you there.
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