Controlling the News June 26, 1006

“I think that is has become very evident to even the less-informed of the American public, that the news in this country is controlled. Certain stories have been deliberately sat on (such as the NSA universal phone tapping) while the foolish and obviously false official press releases designed to support Bush and the war in Iraq, are so bad that no one but a pro-Republican fanatic would believe them. They screamed “wolf” about faked “terrorist attacks” so often and so patently contrived, that no one now pays any attention to them.

The recent “press release” about the “discovery of WMDs” in Iraq is a case in point. When we first saw this, connected to the collapsing campaign of Rick Santorum, (R. Penn) everyone I know in our organization, and among our rivals, roared with laughter. I seriously doubt if our janitors would have believed it and the DoD promptly denied it. The die-hard right wing Republicans are fighting a losing battle for the mid-term elections in November and it is not surprising that they are still screaming “wolf” to anyone who will listen to them.

It is also pretty obvious that Bush has gotten himself into a blind alley with North Korea and their threats to launch a “test missile” have posed him a serious problem. Bush would like nothing better than to nuke North Korea but South Korea, China and Japan are dead set against such dangerous foolishness. North Korea is not Iraq and if the U.S. had troops available for a ground war (which it does not), the slaughter both in North and South Korea of civilians and military alike, would be staggering. The perception that Bush has run out of gas is growing daily and the obedient press is becoming more and more reluctant to back him. When he and his boys lose power, it would not pay to be on their side.”