New World Order Stealing Americans Blind With Illegal Overseas Giga-Fund Estimated At $55 to $300 Trillion

While the country is preoccupied with terrorism, the war in Iraq and 9/11, thugs controlling the takeover of America are stealing citizens blind to the tune of $55 to $300 trillion dollars, according to an undercover financial report by the London-based International Currency Review.

The up-to-date report just released confirms that $27.5 trillion first raised from 1989-1992 to finance the imposition of the New World Order has now covertly blossomed into much, much more as Americans have been conveniently “made to look left when they should be looking right.”

But important stories like this usually get buried, ignored and overlooked in favor of rebellion in the streets and cockeyed symposiums for truth. Sadly, it’s usually the emotional gut wrenching extravaganzas rushing thousands to the streets “crying foul” that gain attention by the masses.

In fact, it is the intelligent crooks behind the scenes, including the entire U.S. Congress and Executive, who are quite content with rebellion, rioting in the streets and 9/11 conferences just as long as the real heat of activism stays away from the important issue -money.

But while Americans remain hoodwinked, some investigators are toiling away tirelessly in the background, following the real stories and the money trail first raised by U.S. Treasury agent Leo Wanta, whose project authorized by President Ronald Reagan to destabilize the Russian currency at the end of the Cold war generated vast sums of money to be returned to the U.S. Treasury.

However, according to Wanta and other investigators tracking the New World Order money trail, trillions ended up in private accounts in order to finance the biggest project of all: “the installation of the New World Order, to borrow a phrase used by George H. Bush who lifted the phrase from former Russian President Gorbachev, who still heads up a KGB contingent operating in the United States,” according to reliable intelligence sources.

And if the truth ever be told about who really was responsible for stealing the vast sum of money now funding the New Word Order, their nefarious and criminals actions could once and for all be put to rest in favor of a healthy Republic.

Although the amounts stolen and used for clandestine affairs is mind boggling, the giga fund first amassed by Wanta is expected to mature to more than $300 trillion by 2012 when it is expected “to be rolled over” increasing the value immensely, according to European intelligence sources tracing the intricate bank scheme.

The London-based Currency Review in Volume 28, No 4. in March 2003 first provided financial details of the biggest private loan operation in human history, started with U.S. Treasury funds amassed by Wanta but then covertly transferred into private accounts to fund the global takeover.

In essence, the irony lies in the sad fact that treasonous American politicians and corrupt businessmen are using money earmarked for the U.S. Treasury to fund a global campaign to destroy America instead of using the money for the betterment of the country.

Since the initial reports of the massive global fund first surfaced, Wanta and several other witnesses have come forward naming names and listing actual bank accounts and records that have printed in previous Arctic Beacon articles.

Uncovering that the amount of money was so staggering and far exceeded any amount imaginable, the story has been shunned by the mainstream even though it is thoroughly backed up by federal court documentation and other information leaked by U.S. Treasury whistleblowers, some who have been threatened with their lives for divulging the information.

Further, the information has been in the hands of the U.S. Congress for at least three years, but has been suppressed since it opens the door to the immense fraud being perpetrated on the American public.

“By that we mean that the documents given to Congress detailing the raising of the gig-funds were included among a batch of other documents showing billions being scammed into private trust accounts in the Cayman Islands and elsewhere,” said the recent <>International Currency Review<> report, “wither from the trillions of dollars raised for the Global Security Environment financing operation or from Black Operations’ monies employed to wage financial warfare operations against targeted foreign governments.

“They also show, inter alia, transactions via the Federal Reserve approved by Dr. Alan Greenspan which, to put it mildly, raises many questions, including why some of the funds in question were disappearing into privately held trust accounts held on behalf of well-known intelligence-linked barons.”

Besides trying to trace the culprits behind the giga-fund scam, the International Currency Review also provided succinct reasons why the fund was established using U.S. finances.

“The reason such a large fund was established was to provide the hidden directors of the New World Order with unlimited resources. We of course refer to these people as the New Underworld Order because it is an irredeemably corrupt operation to ensure absolute global power and control stays in the hands of the self-appointed geo-masonic elite,” added the financial report.

“Their intention is that all states be abolished and governance will devolve into the hands of the faceless, invisible controllers as has happened in the European Union Collective. This is in fact just another prototype of the New World Order regional government model. Brussels is where the global fund is managed and where a very large contingent of CIA nest supervises the management of the colossal resources mobilized for this purpose. The proportions of these resources are so gigantic that the funds have to be churned perpetually. One trader involved with these transactions says that he sees Global security Fund transactions on the foreign exchange every day and night. The proportion of the New Underworld Order finances can be compared with the U.S. domestic debt(see data in report).”

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