Winnipeg Porn Judge Complaint to be Heard May 19 – May 1, 2012

Update A complaint alleging sexual harassment and discrimination on the part of a Manitoba judge will be heard by the Canadian Judicial Council May 19, 2012.
The Sept. 2010 article below described how in 2003, Jack King, the husband of the future Chief Family Court Judge, Lori Douglas,  solicited a Black client, Alex Chapman, to appear naked in a porn video with her.
Last week, Chapman said “Jack King did not act alone” and he referred to a “cover up.” (Video) .
As the Winnipeg Free Press noted, “a number of lawyers knew of Mr. King’s conduct in 2003; why did no one alert the law society?” King received a mild reprimand from the Law Society that clearly does not wish to clean house. Nor does the Free Press wish to pursue the answer to their own question.
Meanwhile, while the public ignores this scandal, there was a citywide uproar and demands for the resignation of another judge, Robert Dewar, who gave a rapist a conditional sentence saying the victim’s dress and behavior were a factor.
This case matched the feminist paradigm of powerful white male versus helpless female. There were demonstrations against Dewar at the Court House.
But there have been no demonstrations or demands for Lori Douglas’ resignation. Is it because she is a feminist? She is merely suspended while the Canadian Judicial Council “investigates.”
Why isn’t the press and public outraged about the conduct of these judges who rule over the fate of thousands of families?
Apparently, powerful members of the legal & political establishment are engaged in a satanic (Masonic) conspiracy to flaunt morality and undermine society. This would explain the sclerotic pace of this investigation.
As in the Judge Robert Dewar case, the public and press will only challenge power when the challenge is “authorized” by this hidden establishment.   

by Henry Makow, Ph.D.

In bygone days, if a top judge  appeared naked in shackles on a website devoted to Black men ravishing White women, she would have been dismissed in disgrace.
Thankfully we live in more tolerant times, tolerant of evil… 

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