The Green Zone Follies June 21, 2006

“The bodies of the two soldiers missing in action, Kristian Menchaca, 23, and Thomas L. Tucker, 25, were found in a brutally tortured and savagely mutilated condition. The two battered and headless corpses of US soldiers were found in the Yusifiyah area near the power station and their bodies show that they had been tortured and then killed viciously by their captors..

The soldiers went missing Friday night after they came under attack at a traffic control point near Yusifiyah, along the Euphrates River. One soldier was also killed in the attack.

The Mujahedeen Shura Council, a coalition of insurgent groups led by Al-Qaeda in Iraq, claimed Monday it had abducted the two soldiers.

The US military had launched a massive hunt for Menchaca and Tucker with nearly 8,000 troops searching for them by land, water and air. Seven US troops were wounded in action during the search operations.

The soldiers were eventually beheaded after “many hours” of terrible tortures. The bodies were in such a state of mutilation that visual identification was impossible and DNA samples have been flown to Washington for further tests to establish the identities. This is not a solitary happening and more than <>twenty<> American soldiers (including two females) and Marines have been caught and savagely tortured and mutilated, pre and post mortem, but until now, <>nothing has been said<> to the American public about these atrocities. The local way of dealing with these butcheries is to simply toss gas onto the mangled remains and set them on fire. When they are charred enough, they are stuck into rubber bags and shipped back to the States with the convenient story that the men were “burned in their vehicles” as a result of a roadside bomb.

At this remove, it is not possible to say whether the savagery on the part of the resistance people was due to American actions towards the unarmed Iraqi civilian population, and captured resistance soldiers or whether the resistance actions resulted in an overreaction by stressed out troops.

In any case, I have seen color pictures of the remains and to be brutally frank, it looks like what one would expect to find when a speeding train slams into a car full of people at seventy miles an hour. I can get copies of these without any problem but under no circumstances would I publish them. I am not afraid of the secret police here but these are so awful that discretion is the better part of valor.

This atrocity is causing a great deal of alarm here among the brass. The effect of morale is devastating and they are really afraid of what will happen vis a vis the American public if and when more of this becomes public. The foreign press, especially AFP, knows about these things and has taken pictures but the warning has been issued to them that they could easily be mistaken for a terrorist and shot on the spot if they were ever caught filming such things as the roasted bits and pieces of American military captives or the even more fragmented Iraqi women and children.

I have been trying to get a stateside assignment for the past two years now without any luck. I can well understand why so many GIs go off their rocker. Of course the brass believes they are all faking it and men who have psychotic breaks, both here and Stateside, are treated very brutally, shoved into virtual jails and roughed up by the usual sadistic MP guards. When, and not if, this all comes out (and there are many like me who will see it does) there will be a blowback that will make Krakatoa look like a tipped over ashtray. God help us all! And next week, I am sending a large file of nice color pictures showing young soldiers recovering from their terrible wounds in Army hospitals. Great material that will certainly stimulate recruiting. I assume you all know that they have dropped the high school education requirement for the suckers who sign up and “overlook” a criminal record. Now we have Mexican street gangs operating in Iraq, selling drugs and sticking knives into rivals. But we now teach them how to use guns and explosives so when the get back to their ghetto homes, they can do even more damage than before.”