Voice of the White House June 23, 2006

“The futile and debilitating military campaigns in both Afghanistan and Iraq are having a terrible toll on the more fanatic of the Republicans. The public is growing more and more unhappy so we now have Bush and his people frantically trying to drum up support for the continuation of the war.

Bush doesn’t want to lose face and the Neocons are still frantically trying to support their very own precious Israel.

It’s a poor idea to beat the war drums in Congress and this will have a very negative response in the vote in November but frightened people show little common sense. We can expect more of the ‘Fright Quotient’ propaganda. (‘We Republicans are all that stand between the beloved American people and utter destruction by huge armies of Muslim terrorists!) They point out that if it weren’t for the presence of George W. Bush at the helm, our cities would already be smoldering rubble and every women between 6 and 60 would be gang raped by raving Arabs.

Actually, the Muslims are much too busy cutting our throats in Iraq (where the death tolls are not coming down) to come over and stick pipe bombs in milk trucks in Dallas but the absence of any unexpected explosions is explained as a great Bush triumph.

I get to read all kinds of reports from the FBI and the DHS and believe me, if the Muslim terrorists wanted to blow things up, put chemicals in our water supply or otherwise behave in an antisocial way, there is nothing at all to stop them. The only ones who are inconvenienced by the burgeoning prying, snooping, phone-tapping, bank box break-ins, library surveillance and a host of other useless nonsense are the rest of us. Surely, an overview of the readers at the public library in Des Moines, Iowa, is not going to uncover an unsuspected cell of deadly turnip assassins.

Also, the agencies (and their leaders) have an excuse to get huge appropriations of cash from Congress, cash they don’t have to account for because, my dear, it’s SECRET! BMW and summer home dealers are the ones who profit from all of this massive FEMA-like thievery, not us.

Once-upon-a-time we could trust our elected and appointed officials to be honest and sincere men but now they all steal everything in sight, stash it in offshore banks and snigger around the Beltway like a whore with a drunken millionaire trick.”

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