Diana Was Murdered for Seeking Love

David Sinclair – henrymakow.com April 30, 2012

On 10th April 2012, Queen Elizabeth 2 bestowed on Camilla, wife of Prince Charles, the highest honour: Dame of the Highest Order of the Victorian Cross – for Services to the British Monarchy.  In normal circumstances this award is reserved for acts of heroism in the Armed Forces.
In this case, it means that Camilla, unlike Diana, has fully passed the Monarchy test – and is free – like Prince Charles – to do as she pleases.
She is now equal to Charles and the Queen in their personal lives.  Diana was never prepared to accept that situation – because she was horrified by what she saw from the inside. 
She was a Natural Woman who sought her equal in a Real Man.
For as long as Monarchy has existed – sex has been a key to the upper layer of royals.  Ruling monarchs can do as they please in sexual terms and bisexual behavior has been prevalent for all time. 
Centuries ago, brides could be as young as two-yrs-old! The catalog of European facts is shocking.  Anyone who ‘pleases’ a major royal sexually will be honored.  Many members of the Pop Industry have enjoyed honors for that reason only.
Diana hoped to break the mold.  That proved to be fatal.  She found no Real Men within British Monarchy.
The first Real Man she did find was the first to be suspiciously killed off – in another motoring accident – as a warning – to Diana.  She was convinced of that and those who know the bigger picture are also convinced of it.
He was Barry Mannakee (right) who was once her personal Bodyguard.  He also saw what went on first-hand and sympathized with Diana’s plight. 
That was not approved.  Barry was taken off duty to Diana and put with MI-6 Security. While on a motorbike mission, a very odd accident was set up.

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