Electromagnetic hygiene – Can qi really help us be healthier?

Lloyd Burrell – Natural News April 28, 2012

Personal hygiene has been a bulwark of health and well-being since the 19th century; it’s only now at the beginning of the 21st century that the importance of electromagnetic hygiene is beginning to be understood. Researchers are discovering that understanding qi, or chi, has a central role to play in our health and well-being. When qi is in a state of balance and harmony, the body is healthy. When this equilibrium is disrupted, so is the body. Electromagnetic fields (EMFs) perturb this harmony.

Qi is “subtle energy,” energy outside the realm of what western society is used to thinking about. Subtle energy is energy which is constantly changing and being redistributed, a way for our body to communicate information internally between cells, tissues, organs and body systems. Qi is central to the foundation and a core belief of Eastern medicine. Western medicine focuses primarily if not completely on the tangible – what can be seen and touched – not the intangible, a presence which can be neither seen nor touched. Qi connects the tangible to the intangible, e.g., when we feel pain in a part of the body, we can bring relief by working with qi.

Scientific evidence for the existence of subtle energy

Dr. Claude Swanson, an MIT and Princeton University educated physicist, presents scientific evidence on the existence and capabilities of subtle energy.

“Where these subtle energies do show up very clearly, is in how the body responds. These subtle energies are the energy that forms the pattern, the matrix that helps our body to grow, that tells our cells how to behave – and it’s what healers work with.”

Penn State University utilized an incubator box to grow cancer cells in petri dishes. Qigong masters sent qi from 2000 miles away to specific dishes. While other cells died, the cells in these dishes lived.

Professor Joey Jones from the University of California experimented on cells by damaging them with radiation, killing approximately half the cells in 24 hours. Prada healers sent energy (qi) before and after the cells were exposed to radiation. The survival rate of the cells went from 50 to 88 percent. To possibly increase the survival rate the idea of karma was presented. Dr. Jones instructed a lab assistant to make a charitable contribution over the phone, hoping to transfer the intention of good karma to the cells. This experiment was duplicated over 100 times with the same result: the 88 percent survival rate increased to 96 percent.

James B. Beal of EMF Interface Consulting and Dr. William Tiller from Stanford University have discovered methods of measuring the body’s own EMFs, or in other words, qi.

Qi and imbalance

When qi is in a state of balance and harmony healing takes place; qi remaining in an unbalanced state can result in a chemical and biological imbalance in the body that eventually leads to illness.

What is creating this imbalance?

A multitude of factors contributes to the imbalance. The work of Dr. Adrian P. Adam from Romania conveys the idea that electromagnetic waves are equivalent to qi. All living creatures are receivers and transmitters of electromagnetic waves. Clearly this makes exposure to EMFs from cell phones, computers and numerous other electrical devices a concern. Electrosensitivity is a problem faced by a growing percentage of the population.

Enhancing the qi

Achieving a state of balance and congruity can be achieved through working with a reputable energy practitioner, doing qigong, contemplating nature and engaging in a healthy lifestyle physically, mentally and spiritually. Limiting exposure to man-made EMFs is also advisable.
Sources for this article include:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SY-FJjwtMXo

Strengthening the body’s own electromagnetic waves by managing qi leads to less susceptibility to man-made EMFs.




About the author:
Lloyd Burrell has spent the last 10 years researching the effects of EMFs on health, after becoming electrically sensitive in 2002. He now offers advice and strategies on healthy living in our electromagnetic world. Download his free EMF Health Report and subscribe to his newsletter by visiting his EMF protection website. You can also follow him on Facebook and Twitter


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