Make your Own Angel, Put Wings on a Whore

Smoking Mirrors – April 30, 2012 

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May your noses Always be downwind from the gates of The Devic Realm and upwind from the cities of the world.
Well, here I am again and… what do you know? Here you are again too. Interesting how that happens, kinda like Love and Marriage ♫you can’t have one, you can’t have one, you can’t have one without the other♫ Of course we know that’s not true. Sometimes, when I hear someone is getting married, who has lived with another person for more than a certain length of time, I think to myself, “that relationship is in trouble”. Sometimes I make the mistake of mentioning it, heh heh, not anymore. I haven’t felt like I’ve made a lot of progress, compared to what I would like(although I’m told that is on the near horizon now) but one thing I have become much better at is not saying the wrong thing at the wrong time. I’ve also become much better at not being an intrusive or combative conversationalist. I am now much more aware that ‘listening is not just waiting for your turn to speak’. I don’t argue either.Well, truthfully, I may slip up on rare occasions but I catch myself pretty quick. I’m comfortable just stating what I have to say, take it or leave it. This does not mean I am deaf to the other person’s concern. I immediately put on their perspective and take it as gospel for a moment. This allows me to see how they see. Sometimes that has surprising results,be they pleasant or unpleasant.
Last night’s radio show is interesting. It reveals something I think might also resonate with the reader. I’ve felt off center for awhile. This can be scary,since whatever might happen, if you’re off balance, it doesn’t improve your expertise. Do you feel like, no matter how hard you try,it doesn’t change anything? That’s the position I find myself in these days, even though I am told that every event in my life, no matter how seemingly insignificant, is a treatment by the cosmos in respect of my evolution in consciousness. Never has the idea that it’s all under control and I am OK (regardless of how I feel) been as much comfort as it is now.
I include this link because of a telling comment inside the article. Here’s the comment; “I don’t think that high school is competitive enough. There’s too much emphasis on making people not feel bad,”Birrell said. “If you want people to do well, they have to compete.” There are some other telling comments in the article too. I know what he says is true, I have done this in a few areas,none of them having anything to do with Tetris. Everyone who is successful at something, regardless of whether the world may share that opinion, knows something about life and about themselves.
This fellow might not know why “there is too much emphasis on making people not feel bad (sentence structure?)”. He might not know that that is the result of intentional dumbing down for the purpose of greater social control but he knows enough to know something is wrong and to think for himself. His experiences have taught him this.However you learn certain things, by gaming, by walking in the wild,through other people, going to prison or whatever the means is, it’s worth it. It becomes part of you. You get to take it with you.
There’s this thing about liabilities and assets that it is critical for anyone and everyone to gain a visceral awareness of. Liabilities are things you carry with you, that routinely hamper many things that you do. They can cause you to fail and they can cost you your life.Assets are things that enhance and amplify your capabilities. They can cause you to succeed and they can save your life. Why would anyone want liabilities in place of assets? That is one of life’s essential questions. Liabilities are the fruit of Karma, so are assets. How you think or don’t think, is the result of whatever you’ve gotten yourself into, going after things you thought you wanted and now have to defend because of an inability to admit you were misguided or wrong. Denial qualifies in this regard. This is one of the powerful keys of that mantra, “I don’t know”. If a person gets that, deep within, fundamentally, amazing things can happen. I know this from direct experience. The act of knowing becomes a kind of interaction between two parts of yourself.
If you forensically investigate the assumptions of psychology, psychiatry and the various, so called sciences, that relate to the operation of the mind and emotions and the interplay between them, you soon come to the conclusion that some number of the basic presumptions are wrong. If you operate outward from false premises, there is no way you are going to arrive at an accurate or correct result, unless you get hit in the head, while you are engaged; metaphorically speaking.The whole world and it’s presentations, rules and regulations,institutions and what have you are based on false or manufactured information. That is why things are screwed up. Presently, the culture is oriented to the concept of consumption. The more consumption being employed, the more financially successful the participants are, theoretically. Then what happens is the margin of profit in relation to the bottom line becomes an all consuming obsession. Health care is killing the profit margin so, make everyone a part time employee. Unions are anathema to the greatest degree of profit so, undermine and do away with unions. Labor costs are too high so, outsource your manufacturing. Pensions are a real drag,unless the company is borrowing against them (grin), so fuck with them by any means possible. A good solution is to create the 401K modality and since you control the stock market, after a fashion,things can be worked out.
Everything that you see that is fucked up, most of it anyway, is intentionally fucked up. Coming down on Preppers and those looking to stock up on necessities, against conditions created by the people coming down on them, is done solely in order to put people’s fate in the hands of the government. In recent times an absurd amount of new laws have come into being. This is to feed the profit line of the prison industrial complex. It’s even in the contracts that they sign with the government. The minimum demanded occupancy is 90%. The majority of those presently incarcerated are directly, or indirectly connected to the Drug War. Think about all of the industries and agencies that profit from The Drug War.
Rule by corporations is fascism. Rule by corporations, has as it primary goal, the maximization of profit, at the expense of every other consideration. There is no way that a bountiful life can materialize for the general population. Only the rich prosper, at the expense of everyone else. Corporations are not concerned with how they make their money, or any of the steps they take to insure the acquisition of it. As a result, laws are transformed to allow for ruthless behavior of every kind. I do not doubt that Coca Cola and the oil companies, as well as many other corporations, have their own hit squads and assassins. There is no conscience engaged. There is no moral concern. There is only the money and the expedition of amassing it, with the least expense at every level. The first bylaw of corporate rule is, ‘fuck you’.
We are told that by looking at this list, we will be made aware of the most spiritually influential people on the planet. Dr.Wayne Dyer is number 13 (be sure and get your kits, calendars and mobile apps) and Doreen Virtue is number 14 (angels galore, putting wings on a whore). No more needs to be said about the accuracy of the list. Oprah is number16. Heh heh… words fail me, for the moment. Well, let’s inject a little humor. None of the people just mentioned are very funny, at all. These people and a great many of the people on that list, should be tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail. Mr. Apocalypse knows who they are and he’ll get around to them,sooner or later. He’ll get around to all of us, sooner or later, for the purpose of ‘demon’stration. It’s up to all of us, individually,what shape that takes.
The ‘me first, you later, maybe’ mindset, is something that has been engineered by vested interests and indoctrination starts right out of the crib, with the number one babysitter, the broadcasting Eye of Sauron. You have to think of all of these industries as being interconnected. You might imagine that the fast food industry and the medical industry are in bed together. This may not be specifically true but real examples, easily as absurd, are. Use your heads,develop that forensic perspective that I like to mention. These industries will not change to your advantage, ever. They will change to your detriment, regularly. If they are not stopped, you will cease to exist, in any number of unpleasant ways. This might include interim confinement, so that they can get added value out of your departure. Because they must be stopped and will not stop on their own, ever, something has to come about that destroys their capacity to continue. I don’t like to be negative or alarming. This is just how it is and there are, more or less, peaceful means that can bring it about. As I have said many times, all it takes is for the majority of us to step away from the machinery and to no longer buy their shit, reducing your consumption addiction to the lowest possible application. Awareness is revolution. An expansion of consciousness within the masses will change the world. Maybe if you get some of Wayne’s or Doreen’s divinatory cards, you can predict where and how it’s all going to happen.
Things are as they are, as a result of collective acquiescence. Things are how they are, because people go along to get along and because they are compromised by important concerns, that might be threatened by any sign of recalcitrance on their part, in respect of the scheme of things, as expressed by the schemers of things. Change will come,brutally or less so, but it will come. The key to one’s dimension of suffering, in respect of change, is all about adaptation. If you change with the changes, it can be relatively effortless. See to it and… mind how (and where) you go.
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