Who was Rudolph Diesel?

Rudolph Diesel was the inventor of the diesel engine, his work at the Augsburg machine works, to build an engine that performed better than the contemporary petrol engine, resulted in an engine that ran more efficiently, burnt more of the fuel itself, with less waste, and with less moving parts to go wrong. In every respect Diesel’s engine looked like a sure fire winner.

So discussions with the British navy, whose submarines used a petrol engine for their surface work – which meant petrol fumes on board, hot pipes running throughout, and the constant threat of a stray spark, causing an explosion, which did occur more than once – meant Rudolph was a man in demand.

Diesels revolutionary engine, was designed to run on peanut oil, and at the 1900 world fair, he showed it running on vegetable oil to British Royal navy officials. Britain, which was then the worlds greatest sea power, knew a war was coming with Germany. But its battle fleet was coal powered and the huge coal reserves needed on board, meant it took so long to get power up and that there was significant power wastage.

The added threat was that when you have huge piles of coal on board, the internal pressure meant that spontaneous fires could break out, as many at the time believed, was one of the causal factors with the Titanic.

So, Diesels idea was safer, lighter in weight, and we could easily get from our own farmlands sufficient vegetable oil for use in powering our navy, and just as importantly, no time was lost in building up the power to propel the ships.

Britain invited Diesel over in 1913 to visit the Admiralty to talk about fitting his engines, bringing our ships up to an impressive competitive standard.

The years of constant tinkering and improvement were about to make him a wealthy man, yet we are told by the history books, that Diesel was an irritable, depressive personality, who took his own life, by jumping overboard to his death while on his way to becoming a millionaire.

I do not think so!

The big question was, where would all the money be found to modernise the entire British navy?

Crucially the banking syndicate, headed by the Rothschild family, offered the considerable sum on loan, at cripplingly high interest rates on the proviso that we went over to Middle East oil, which was owned by the same syndicate that was offering the loan.

So the coming British war effort was already compromised, before it even began. Because Rothschild won twice; on the loan monies and selling his oil to us, and this was again to crop up over the Suez crisis in 1956.

Rudolph Diesel, who had been warned to pull out, was coming to Britain to undersign the deal.

Immediately prior to his going overboard, witnesses say he bought a bag of oranges, and the fumbling in his pocket exposed the precious contract, with his workings out still going on in pencil on the back.

Why if a man is depressed with the thought of all that recognition and money would he buy oranges if he intended suicide ?

In any crime and this was one always ask, “who gained from it” ?

The huge sums pocketed by the Rothschild banking syndicate, were later to be spent in Germany just after W.W.1 when the country desperate for money sold anything they could at knock down prices, anything that appreciates in value was purchased,

Huge swathes of land, gold, jewellery and artwork were bought at knock down prices,

The Jewish arm of my own family bought into Germany in a big way, and which would later bring them big problems, with a certain Mr. Hitler wanting it all back for the German people.

The ownership of Rudolph Diesels patents are now an official secret.

But the linkage to the withholding from America of industrial diamonds during W.W. II by the Oppenheimers, meant the whole De-Beers corporation kept up the diamond price to an artificial high.

Officially De-Beers has not been able to trade with America ever since but the huge diamond markets in the U.S are supplied via London and Amsterdam..

The strength of feeling is still so strong, that an immediate arrest warrant waits any de-Beers employee entering America.

The linkage occurs in the fact that minority groupings can use their collective clout to dominate world policy as in the Community of Foreign relation, ( C.F.R.) and the ultra secretive Bilderburgs, both anti democratic self serving quango’s, with the collective finance to buy the economy of small countries, and it does happen.

They install leaders in banana republics the world over.

British dictator Tony Blair, and his extremist new Labour was put in power by these groups, primarily to help redraw the map of the middle east, for the sole benefit of the money men, not the British people, and the breaking up of the U.K to a series of regional zones with foreign backers, under the guise of “multiculturalism”.

Explains why not one of Tony Blair’s financial backers was an Englishman.

T. Stokes paranormalist copyright 2005

Rudolph Diesel

The late T Stokes was an investigator into the paranormal and the occult and former member of British Intelligence