Rense & Icke – Birds of a Feather?

by L.C. Vincent – henrymakow,com April 28, 2012

Dear Henry,
I knew your dispute with Jeff Rense involved the tragedy of Fukushima but I did not know the details. Even leaving out his nine ex-wives and his psychopathic personality, just assessing the bare bones of his edict (not only can’t you post Jim Stone’s Fukushima story link on his site, but you will not post it on YOUR site!) is simply absurd!  
This is nothing more than a blatant, dictatorial attempt at censorship of a theory Rense doesn’t like, and of course his stooges, underlings and lapdogs (David Icke in particular) trot along behind him and carry his doggy bag of turds because he allows them to continue to post their drivel on his disinformation site.
There is only one possible explanation for Jeff Rense’s dictatorial edict: this story cuts to the bone and far too close to the truth for Zionist interests to allow it to see the light of day.  So not only must it be suppressed on the Rense site; it must also be suppressed on YOUR site!  Utterly incredible!
For someone who claims to wear the mantle of a Champion of Truth,  Rense’s duplicity and agenda are clearly revealed for all who have eyes to see.
Highly instructional and amusing, too, to find the vaunted David Icke siding with this closet psychopath.  Birds of a feather, no doubt.  Even more amusing is Icke’s defense of the indefensible…. he therefore attacks you, as a man, while totally ignoring the crux of the argument to which he instinctively knows there is no genuine rebuttal. 
His “logic” is jejune and laughable.  Icke, despite his valuable work on the linkages of institutions, royalty and the spiritual/economic conspiracy, is  revealed to be nothing more than a tool of the forces he pretends to oppose. 
In the final analysis, his fervid attempt at insulting you becomes nothing more than a parody of his vapid arguments in favor of Rense’s censorship, and the stifling of your freedom of speech, thought and inquiry because Rense supposedly has more valid bona fides as a revealer of the conspiracy against Mankind. 


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