What does a thinking, ethical person do with the nightmare facts of 911

Today, I sit here at home listening to a recent interview between Dr. Fetzer and Dr. Griffin. Two “seasoned” 911 truth veterans. The fact that I am listening to this conversation, that it even exists, is evidence that an impending Fascist state is eminent. There have been dramatic inroads for the 911-truth movement in America, Canada and around the world. It would seem the dam is starting to crack. These are all good things and the battle for basic truth and the salvation of humanity hangs in the balance between self-evident facts and the brain washed masses.

If the global elite has the plan of creating a robot culture, (which I believe they do) they have succeeded to a very high degree. But they have not won. The scientific facts surrounding 911 in the form of videos, photos, testimonials, published peer reviewed physics papers, insider whistleblowing and proven mass media manipulation of the facts all collectively speak to a Fascist political reality that is spun as Democracy. The bigger the lie, the more people believe it. If somebody reading this is thinking that these words are too strong, I hope you do some quick and deep investigation to the readily available information. This use of the term Fascist is not quaint or metaphorical; it is a hard, sinister, crisis of all crises. It’s happening, right in front of our eyes. The fact that Grandfather Bush has such strong ties to supporting the Nazi’s and that the story is broke by a mainstream journalist, raises questions of the highest order. Welcome to the new Fourth Reich of Amerika.

Here in Canada we struggle with getting political and speaking out. It’s ok to speak out when you maintain some left of center opinion, but as Canadians are pathetically known as tolerant to the extreme, we tolerate this right-sided view. While I recognize tolerance is a noble virtue, there is a time in life when one should jump, yell, run or generally freak out. This would be one of those times for those that need it spelled out to them. Get beyond your party politics, get beyond your limited fear of speaking truth in public and get beyond your self-destructive trust in the government and media. The nightmare is here and it’s getting worse by the day. Do something, anything today, to share the truth of 911 with one person or hundreds of people. This statement comes from a deep knowing of what is here and what is coming. I wont say wake up, because no one can make another person “wake up”. Rather, share the truth with another soul, for it is only the nature of truth to spark the divine in another. That is how all revolutions have been fueled since the dawn of time. Once a soul realizes that the injustice is so deep and that there life is in jeopardy, you will see a soul move heaven and earth to get the truth out.

So, what is a thinking person to do with the nightmare facts of 911? Share the truth; share the truth with everyone you know, in every medium you know (dvds, articles, web sites etc.), and everywhere you know. Put them in mail boxes, put them under doors, put them on street corners, put them on your boss’s desk, on your teacher’s desk or put a thousand copies on the desk of your local politician. The only way society will heal, truly heal, is to get the truth out. A disease never heals when the person ignores it or is in denial of it. Rather it is fundamental to a healthy psychology to embrace reality, not embrace the illusion. While I recognize that denial does have temporary health benefits as one seeks to face the truth, ultimately one must face it. Or the denial turns into cancer, heart disease or some other horrible pathology.

We live in a time when a person risks going insane to live in truth because it is so intense on so many levels. Hence the engineered and natural denial. Imagine (like we have to imagine?) growing up in a society with rampant pornography, guns, mass media lies, GMO’s, pharmaceutical monopolies, the realization of the “Fourth Reich’s Reichstag Fire” and a ballooning independent media with information that makes a soul seek sanity from the volume and depth of the horrors that are being reported. Not only does the truth hurt, it can kill. Just ask the family of John O’Neil. The ex FBI agent who was head of security for the WTC and died on 9/11. A man who had spoken at great length about impending terrorist strikes on America. He quit the FBI due to the lack of response by his superiors. John O’ Neil was the Deputy Director of the FBI. This speaks volumes to anyone with a brain.

So the question remains. What are you doing? This is the mother of all issues, it overshadows every other critical issue. It is more important than health care, more important than jobs or any other community issue. It is a joke to have to explain this to people. I always end up saying “if even one thing I am saying here is true, just one, it deserves the fullest attention of everyone”.

The mainstream media and government go out of their way to avoid the facts and attack people whom are speaking this truth as “conspiracy theorists”. When the facts are, Mr. Harper is defending a conspiracy theory of how 19 high-jackers in airplanes managed to somehow set up controlled demolition of a 47 story building on the ground. Like listen to how moronic the government, media and any ignorant soul is that defends the official position of 911. Recently, it was announced in the movement that the NIST scientists, who provided the hypothesis for the official 911 commission, where asked to defend their position in a public debate and have officially stated they would NOT participate. The obvious question is, if the government has the opportunity to demonstrate once and for all that the 911-truth movement is nothing but a bunch of uptight conspiracy theorists, they would quickly agree to the debate and would mock anyone who participated against them. Rather, like pathetic fascists they are, that are seriously implicated in the progression of a fascist state, they decline showing up to have a debate or conversation based only on science and facts. To speak nothing here of politics or religious/spiritual implications.

So what does it take for the soul who is reading this, to stop what they are doing and take action in their community? Really, what would it take to raise the alarm bells? I am a breath away from buying a bullhorn (in solidarity with Alex Jones) and standing outside the local CBC Winnipeg office. Why not? We all soon will be dead and subject to a police state. Look at what Harper is doing in concert with George W. Bush. They are two Fascist peas in a pod, each with a brain the size of a pea.

Please tell me there is hope for humanity here. Please tell me you are going to do something today, something small, something big, but something. Millions of people are already doing it, you won’t be the first and you won’t be the last. Please join this movement. This is a standing open invitation to everyone and anyone who can muster the truth. We must take back our security from our own lying government and media. Each and every member of the Canadian mainstream media is implicated in this crime, unless they take a stand now. The Nazi criminals of WW2 often defended themselves with the position that “they were just following orders”. The mass media is morally bankrupt and I have no use for this in the course of my life. If you do, if you want a fascist dictatorship to live in, if you want a police state and you are afraid of the “terrorists”, you have fallen victim to the new Fourth Reich and ultimately Black Magic.

For those that have read this far, think my comments about Black Magic are way of base and are a paranoid conspiracy gone wrong, I would bring to your attention a part of history that few actually know about. The German Thule society. The “spirit ” behind the Nazis and a society that was based in pure black magic. So it would appear this rabbit hole runs deep and the sooner we expose the truth, the total truth, the sooner we will all be free again. So many souls have come before us, seeking to bring humanity to truth and light. So many heroes like Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Christ and most likely your fathers and mothers. We all have been faced with darkness, it is what we do in response to embrace it and shed light on it that determines not only our souls fate, but also our communities and ultimately humanity’s fate.

Share the truth.

In truth,

Dr. Joe Hawkins B.Sc.,D.C.